Peaceful Redwoods in Virtual Reality

Episode 1: Carruthers Trail in 360.
Spend three minutes on a virtual walk down a forested trail to the Pacific Ocean.
Episode 2: Carruthers Cove in 360
Spend a minute and virtually join a park ranger watching ocean waves at Carruthers Cove.
Episode 3: Revelation Trail in 360
For six minutes you will stroll under 300-foot tall redwoods.
Episode 4: Standing By Prairie Creek in 360
Take a minute and hangout on the banks of a babbling creek surrounded by redwoods.
Episode 5: Walking Along Prairie Creek in 360
Take a couple of virtual minutes to get your feet slightly wet walking along the banks of Prairie Creek.
Episode 6: Gentle Hike to Trillium Falls in 360
Take five minutes for this virtual walk through redwood groves to the relaxing Trillium Falls.
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    Last updated: December 17, 2020

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