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Howland Hill Outdoor School (HHOS) has been providing educational programs in Redwood National and State Parks since 1978. HHOS offers curriculum based environmental education programs for students in grades K-5 at Howland Hill and other Park locations. Redwood National and State Parks North District Environmental Education program also offers educational opportunities in local schools as well as several new distance learning programs. During the off-season when there are not Park programs at the facility, HHOS also offers facility rentals for education-based groups.

HHOS is located near Crescent City, CA and is one of two outdoor schools in Redwood National and State Parks. Wolf Creek Education Center (WCEC) in the southern end of the park near Orick, CA provides curriculum-based environmental education programs for students in grades 4-6, as well as facility rentals.

Making Reservations

Reservation requests are only accepted via email. Reservation requests are first-come first-served and open May 1st 2018 at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time for the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 HHOS Seasons. To make a reservation, send a completed program request form to e-mail us

Reservation Forms
HHOS Program Request
HHOS Rental Agreement

HHOS In-class Program Request

Program Evaluations

Below are program evaluations for HHOS and In-class programs. Please e-mail us the completed forms to help improve our programs.

HHOS Program Eval
In-Class Program Eval

Facility Guide

Below is a facility guide for HHOS. This guide is necessary for groups doing and overnight trip to Howland Hill and can also be help for teachers coming to HHOS for a one day educational program.

HHOS Facility Guide

Program Flyer and Teacher Information

In spring we will post our current HHOS flyer. It will include aa letter with basic information to all teachers about reserving a program in their classroom, or at Howland Hill Outdoor School.

Left Image: Rangers with child dressed like a banana slug. Right Image: Ranger and children under a redwood tree.
Banana Slugs and Redwood Trees
Left Image: HHOS information at community event.  Right Image: Children play next to river bank.
HHOS Community Events
Left Image: Ranger dressed as a waiter with two kids.  Right Image: Ranger dressed as a logger with two kids.
Rangers wear many hats.
Left Image: Ranger with child dressed like banana slug.  Right Image: Children dress up like a condor.
Learn about Adaptations
Left Image: Ranger with child wearing bat wings.  Right Image: Child crawling under obstacle course.
Learning can be fun!
Three rangers and class take picture under Grandfather Spruce tree.
Photo op at Grandfather Spruce
Left Image: Restroom in parking lot.  Right Image: Clivis toilets.
Restroom in the parking lot and clivis toilets
Left Image: HHOS eating area.  Right Image: Bathrooms
Dining area and restroom
HHOS kitchen
Inside the kitchen
Left Image: HHOS cabin.  Right Image: Interior of cabin.
Cabin and cabin interior
cabin interior
Cabin interior
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