Prince William Forest Park- Farms to Forest Trail

Farms To Forest Trail in the snowy winter.
Farms To Forest Trail in the snowy winter

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Farms to Forest Trail (1.0 miles,1.6 km)

The Farms to Forest Trail is a short, easy trail that starts near Oak Ridge Campground. The trail is marked by yellow and green blazes and runs through an area where old farmland has reverted back to mature forest. After only a minute or two on the trail, the trail will split. Bear right and continue along the trail to the junction with the 1.7 mile (2.7 km) extension trail that loops up to Quantico Creek and back.

Farms to Forest Trail in the winter.
Sparse forest of Farms to Forest Trail in the winter

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Much of the forest along the trail is fairly open making it easy to visualize the farms that were once established in this area.

The green of ground cedar contrasting the snow cover ground.
Ground cedar

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While hiking along the Farms to Forest Trail, enjoy the green of the ground cedar that litters the forest floor. Ground cedar (Lycopodium complanatum) is small, perennial plant with horizontal stems that creep along the forest floor. They grow up to a meter long with flattened, cedar-like stems.

After about 15 minutes of walking down the Farms to Forest Trail you will reach the first junction with the Extension Trail. Bear right to join the Farms to Forest Extension Trail or continue straight for a quick trip back to where you began.

(Above) Tree-lined creek on Farms to Forest Trail. (Below) Footbridge over creek mentioned above
(Above) Tree-lined creek
(Below) Footbridge over creek

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After passing the second intersection with the Extension Trail it will take about 15 minutes to get back to Oak Ridge Campground. Along the way, you will come upon a small creek that meanders through the woods. The Quantico Creek watershed is considered a benchmark watershed for water quality in the area.


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