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Virtual Museum Exhibit
Can't make it down to Prince William Forest Park? Take a walk through park history through our Virtual Museum Exhibit. Stop and look at the artifacts and photographs that tell stories of the people who lived on and shaped this remarkable landscape.
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The Human Crop

The Human Crop is a 8 minute film that was never completely finished by the Department of Interior. The film aimed to elevate Chopawamsic Recreational Demonstration Area (RDA) as the model for all RDA projects across the country. The goal of the project - the turn unproductive farmland into recreation areas that would grow a 'human crop of healthy, hearty citizens of a thoughtful republic.'

OSS film

OSS Training Films

These 5 training films showcase the training techniques used at Area A in what is now Prince William Forest Park. Here, the OSS used the cabin camps to train non-military personnel in basic military tactics, demolition techniques, and close quarters instinctive firing.


Introduction to Basic Training
Welcome new recruits! Don't tell anyone your real name. Its time for a 4-6 week basic military training course to provide OSS civilian personnel with a solid background in the skills that they will need to survive in Europe or Asia. There, they will be dropped behind enemy lines in small teams, to gather intelligence or destroy important targets.


Obstacle Course
Physical fitness is always a key to success. This obstacle course challenged even the most fit recruits.

House of Horrors
Both Area A (Prince William Forest Park) and Area B (Catoctin Mountain Park) had a House of Horrors or 'pistol house.' In the dead of night recruits would be awakened to complete real life instinctive firing exercises.

Demolitions Training
Many of the recruits learned how to detonate explosives on large structures such as houses and bridges in Prince William Forest Park.

Frontal Assault
Here, recruits attempt to fire upon two foreign tanks.

Leave No Trace

Learn the ins and outs of an impact-free experience in the great outdoors in this Leave No Trace Video!

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