Ranch Comprehensive Management Plan: Ranching and Dairying Lease/Permits

This page is no longer being updated. For the most recent interim leases and maps, please visit the General Management Plan Amendment: Ranching and Dairying Lease/Permits page.

The table below lists the ranching and dairying lease/permits administered by Point Reyes National Seashore, organized alphabetically by operating family. Locations of each lease/permit are indicated by the corresponding number in the Active Ranch Unit column. (Map of Active Ranch Units - 204 KB PDF) Home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and other personally identifiable information have been redacted from all leases/permits with a gray box to protect personal privacy. While many of these lease/permits have expired, the NPS has issued letters of authorization to continue operations under the existing terms and conditions of these permits. The NPS issued letters of authorization pending completion of the Ranch Comprehensive Management Plan General Management Plan Amendment and issuance of new lease/permits. Please note: Ranch units 25, 26 & 42 are in transition and not posted below; ranch units 36, 38, & 40 are under Reservations of Use and Occupancy as life estates.

Operating Family Lease/Permit Active Ranch Unit Historic Ranch
Evans/Rossotti AGRI-8530-1000-3019 (3,968 KB PDF) 12 H Ranch
Evans/Rossotti AGRI-8530-2600-9006 (2,123 KB PDF) 13 H Ranch - Abbotts
Evans/Rossotti AGRI-8530-2600-9005 (2,115 KB PDF) 18 K Ranch
D. Evans AGRI-8530-2600-07-7001 (2,405 KB PDF) 10 AT&T Ranch
D. Evans AGRI-8530-1000-1001 (3,853 KB PDF) 21 D. Rogers Ranch
Gallagher AGRI-8530-2600-8002 (2,199 KB PDF) 9 F Ranch
Genazzi AGRI-8530-2600-1401 (3,156 KB PDF) 27 Genazzi Ranch
B. Giacomini AGRI-8530-2600-1004 (2,318 KB PDF) 28 Gallagher Ranch
R. Giacomini AGRI-8530-1000-1009 (3,330 KB PDF) 39 R. Giacomini Ranch
Giammona AGRI-8530-2600-1501 (3,221 KB PDF) 29 McFadden Ranch
Grossi AGRI-8530-1000-1008 (3,442 KB PDF) 20 M Ranch
Kehoe AGRI-8530-1000-9001 (3,674 KB PDF) 15 J Ranch
Kehoe AGRI-8530-2600-9004 (2,144 KB PDF) 16 & 17 J Ranch - Tomales
Lunny AGRI-8530-2600-5004 (2,108 KB PDF) 11 G Ranch
McClure AGRI-8530-1000-9003 (3,708 KB PDF) 14 I Ranch
McDonald/Lucchesi AGRI-8530-2600-1003 (2,277 KB PDF) 22 N Ranch
McDonald/Lucchesi AGRI-8530-2600-9007 (2,164 KB PDF) 23 Home Ranch
McIsaac AGRI-8530-1000-9012 (3,112 KB PDF) 32 McIsaac Ranch
McIsaac AGRI-8530-2600-8007 (2,195 KB PDF) 33 McIsaac Ranch - Bolinas
McIsaac AGRI-8530-2600-1007 (2,303 KB PDF) 34 Cheda Ranch
Mendoza/McClelland AGRI-8530-1000-9015 (3,262 KB PDF) 3 B Ranch
Mendoza/McClelland AGRI-8530-1000-9016 (3,307 KB PDF) 19 L Ranch
Murphy AGRI-8530-2610-1201 (2,951 KB PDF) 24 Home Ranch
Niman AGRI-8530-2600-1202 (3,305 KB PDF) 41 Commonweal
Nunes AGRI-8530-2600-1206 (2,314 KB PDF) 1 A Ranch - Headlands
Nunes AGRI-8530-1000-9002 (3,386 KB PDF) 2 A Ranch
Nunes AGRI-8530-2600-9013 (2,153 KB PDF) 6 D Ranch
Nunes AGRI-8530-1000-9009 (3,103 KB PDF) 7 E Ranch
Nunes AGRI-8530-2600-7003 (2,227KB PDF) 8 E Ranch - Creamery Bay
Percy AGRI-8530-2600-10-1002 (2,336 KB PDF) 35 Percy Ranch
Rogers AGRI-8530-2600-1203 (3,483 KB PDF) 30 C. Rogers Ranch
Spaletta AGRI-8530-2600-6001 (1,732 KB PDF) 4 C Ranch
Spaletta AGRI-8530-2600-9008 (2,103 KB PDF) 5 D Ranch
Stewart AGRI-8530-1000-1006 (3,323 KB PDF) 37 Stewart/Truttman/Lupton Ranch
Zanardi AGRI-8530-1000-1201 (3,402 KB PDF) 31 Zanardi Ranch

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