Pawnee Rock State Historic Site

Sandstone outcropping with some grass in some places and a few tress and bushes on it.
Pawnee Rock marked the halfway point on the Santa Fe Trail.

NPS Photo/Celeste

Quick Facts
Pawnee Rock, Kansas
Landmark on the Santa Fe Trail
State Historic Site; Certified Site

Pawnee Rock State Historic Site is 16 miles east of Fort Larned. This sandstone outcropping was a well-known land mark on the Santa Fe Trail. Not only did it let travelers on the trail know they were following the correct route, it was also the halfway point on the trail. 

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Location (Pawnee Rock, Kansas)

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Santa Fe National Historic Trail

Fort Larned National Historic Site, Santa Fe National Historic Trail

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Rising fifty to sixty feet above the surrounding terrain, Pawnee Rock served as an important landmark for travelers on the Santa Fe Trail, marking the halfway point of the long journey. This Kansas State Historic Site invites visitors to stand atop the pavilion for a 360-degree view of the Arkansas River Valley, read exhibits about the area’s significance, and enjoy a picnic at a covered table. Visit to learn more.

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Last updated: November 28, 2023