Pine Lane Trailhead Information

A two paneled bulletin board kiosk stands left of a narrow, dirt trail into yellowing trees.
This view of the trailhead shows the Buckeye Trail winding north into upland forest.

NPS / Arrye Rosser

Quick Facts
1281 Pine Lane, Peninsula, Ohio 44264
From here, visitors can access our more remote trails, the Buckeye and the Valley. Pine Lane was named for the many trees planted by former landowner Fred C. Kelly. Kelly was a nationally known humorist, newspaper columnist, and author in the early 1900s. He was active in early efforts to preserve Cuyahoga Valley.
Buckeye Trail

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Pine Lane Trailhead is an access point for two of the longest trails in the national park. It is located at a high spot in the middle of Cuyahoga Valley, off State Route 303. This is a good choice for hikers and runners who prefer solitude, scenic views, and the physical challenge of hills. See our hiking page for trip planning information.

The Buckeye Trail makes a 1,400-mile circle across Ohio. It is managed by the Buckeye Trail Association which divides the trail into 26 sections and offers detailed maps. The route is marked by blue blazes, often painted on the trees. Hikers can enjoy day trips or plan for through-hiking. The section north from Pine Lane wanders 2.5 miles through upland forest along the east rim before crossing the valley’s floodplain in Boston. There it heads up the western valley wall to Blue Hen Falls and beyond. The south section quickly joins the Towpath Trail in Peninsula and explores the lowlands along the historic Ohio & Erie Canal. Access it by following the parking lot west to the old Pine Lane and turning right, down the old brick road.

The Valley Trail is shared by hikers and horseback riders. It goes the length of the park, connecting with other horse trails to the north and south. The Pine Lane parking lot is small and does not have designated trailer spaces. It is not an ideal starting place for riders, but some may travel through. Remember that horses always have the right of way. If hikers encounter a horse, stay visible and greet the rider. Stand off the trail and keep any pets on a short leash. Allow plenty of space to pass and avoid sudden movements. Horse trails can be muddy, so plan your footwear wisely. The section north goes through Boston in 2.4 miles, crosses the floodplain at Jaite, and continues into Brecksville Reservation. The section south connects with the Wetmore trail system in 3.8 miles and the Everett area trails beyond.

The land around this trailhead was once owned by Fred C. Kelly. Kelly was a nationally known newspaper columnist, humorist, and Wright Brothers biographer. He had a passion for conservation, helping form the first Cuyahoga Valley Association. In the 1940s, he infamously carried an axe on his walks to chop up tacky billboards along State Route 303. Pine Lane was named for all the trees he planted on his property.

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Last updated: January 3, 2023