Ash Hollow State Park- Windlass Hill Area

Home built from sod with wood roof in a grass field.
Ash Hollow State Park- Windlass Hill Pioneer Home

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Windlass Hill is scarred by deeply eroded ruts cut by thousands of wagons sliding downhill with their wheels locked on the emigrant trails. Due to the steepness of the grade, the wagons could easily travel at speeds that were not good for them or the livestock pulling the wagons. They were slowed by locking the wheels, which prevented the wheels from turning and increased friction. A paved, but steep, walking trail with outdoor exhibits leads visitors along the ruts to the top of the hill. From there, hikers are rewarded with a scenic vista of Ash Hollow and the Platte River.

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Other actives include bird watching, wildlife viewing, and picnicking. In addition, a reconstructed sod house stands at the bottom of the hill, made by the Lewellen Lion's Club in 1967 for the Nebraska Centennial. 


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