Additional Parking Lot

A P symbol denoting a parking area
The Additional Parking Lot provides free all-day parking near the Visitor Center for all vehicles

Quick Facts
Southeast of the Visitor Center
Provides all-day and oversize vehicle parking

Parking - Auto, Parking - Boat Trailer, Parking - Bus/RV

This additional parking lot is located just southeast of the Visitor Center and is reached by taking the first left turn past the entrance Fee Booths. As trailers and RVs over 20 feet (6 meters) in length are prohibited from parking in the main Visitor Center parking lot, this provides a location for those vehicles to park. Additionally, parking at the Visitor Center is limited to 1 hour, and this lot provides a location for all-day parking and an ideal location to park if one intends to ride the park shuttle (mid-April to mid-October).

A crushed stone path at its northwest corner leads to the northbound Visitor Center shuttle stop and a crosswalk leading to the Visitor Center. To the southeast, the parking lot links to the Shared Use Path adjacent to the kiosk for North Campground.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Last updated: February 3, 2021