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We are pleased that you have decided to visit your national park! As guardians of your park, we want to ensure that you and your students enjoy your visit and have a successful, educational experience. Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial has several education opportunities for your school group.

Visitor Center

Your first stop to visit should be the Visitor Center. Here you will find exhibits about the War of 1812, the Battle of Lake Erie, the peace that came out of the war, and the building of the memorial. Also in the Visitor Center groups should see the 15 minute film titled The Battle of Lake Erie. With this starting point students will have a better understanding and appreciation for the memorial.


Besides visiting the Visitor Center groups should visit the memorial itself. There is however some important things that needs to be known about the memorial before your visit. It was built between 1912 and 1915 and is historic structure and not handicap accessible largely. Once visitors get inside the memorial rotunda, base of the memorial, they will need to walk up 37 steps to get to the elevator. Halfway up the stairs is a small landing with a bench. The elevator will hold 10 people plus the ranger to run the elevator. So to get your group to the top and back in a timely manner we suggest you break into groups of 10 (at least one adult and nine students) ahead of time. The cost to go up the memorial is $7.00 for adults 16 years of age and older. Children 15 years and younger are free. It is also important to note there are no restrooms in the memorial. The closest restrooms are in the memorial's basement and the Visitor Center.

Ranger Programs

Rangers are often available to give educational programs on a wide range of topics ranging from the battle, war, peace, nature, and the National Park Service. These talks can range from 15 minutes to 30 minutes in length. One of our most requested programs is our black powder musket demonstrations. This program includes a ranger dressed as a soldier or sailor from the War 1812 and gives insight into what it was like to fight in a war 200 years ago. The program concludes literally with a bang when the musket is fired. You can request what kind of program you would like, however, all programs are dependent on staffing for the day of your visit so make note of 2nd choice of program if there is one.

Schedule Your Trip

To schedule your visit to Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial, please contact the park's school group coordinator by phone at (419) 285-2184 or by e-mail.

Please schedule your visit at least two weeks in advance. A month or more is preferable.

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