The Siege of Petersburg: The Longest Military Event of the Civil War

Nine and a half months, 70,000 casualties, the suffering of civilians, thousands of U. S. Colored Troops fighting for the freedom of their race, and the decline of Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of No. Virginia all describe the Siege of Petersburg. It was here Gen. Ulysses S. Grant cut off all of Petersburg's supply lines ensuring the fall of Richmond on April 3, 1865. Six days later, Lee surrendered.

For 9.5 months, General Ulysses S. Grant faced off with Gen. Robert E. Lee at Petersburg.

Grant vs. Lee

Learn about the different personalities who participated in the Siege of Petersburg.

United States Colored Troops saw more action at Petersburg than any other campaign in the Civil War.

U.S. Colored Troops at Petersburg

Soldier stands guard at the City Point supply base which supported approximately 120,000 Union soldiers fighting in and around Petersburg.

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