Permits and Reservations

Reservations at Pearl Harbor National Memorial

  • The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is free, no reservations required to enter, visit the museums, temporary exhibit, and watch the park film (the park film and the USS Arizona Memorial program are still unlinked at this time).

Permits at Pearl Harbor National Memorial:

Special Events, Ceremonies, and Performances

The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center offers visitors a place to connect with national, international, and personal histories of World War II in the Pacific, ranging from events leading to the December 7, 1941 attack on Oʻahu, to continued peace and reconciliation. Special events are authorized under a Special Use Permit (SUP) when they fall within the scope and purpose for which the memorial was established. The memorial is a “place of remembrance and contemplation of the nature of war and the sacrifices of those who lost their lived during the Pacific War.”

Events authorized through permit must meet the following criteria:

  • The activity will not impair park values, resources, and visitor enjoyment.
  • There is a meaningful association between the park area and the event.
  • The event contributes to visitor understanding of the park’s significance.

To apply, download a Special Use Permit Application. Please e-mail our commercial services office [] to submit applications or to ask questions about this process. Allow 5 business days for the processing of completed permit applications. Only completed applications will be considered. Applications may be denied due to the lack of sufficient time to review, process, and schedule.


On October 28, 2022, the Deputy Director, Operations issued a Memorandum that rescinded interim guidance that was in place during litigation about commercial filming in park areas. As a result, previous laws and regulations governing commercial filming are once again in effect. Commercial filming in parks is once again governed by laws found in federal statute (54 U.S.C. 100905) and Department and NPS regulations (43 CFR Part 5 and 36 CFR 5.5)."Commercial filming" means the film, electronic, magnetic, digital, or other recording of a moving image by a person, business, or other entity for a market audience with the intent of generating income. Examples include, but are not limited to, feature film, videography, and documentaries. Commercial filming may include the advertisement of a product or service, or the use of actors, models, sets, or props.

NPS is prohibited by law from permitting any filming, still photography, or other related activity that presents a likelihood of resource damage, would cause an unreasonable disruption of the public’s use and enjoyment of the site, or poses health or safety risks to the public. Issuance of any filming and photography permit will be subject to terms and conditions, which must be accepted in writing by the permit holder before the permit will become effective. In addition to other conditions, permit holders are required to carry specified types and levels of insurance and to indemnify and hold harmless the United States from liabilities in connection with the permit. Neither the application for a filming and photography permit nor the permit, once issued, may be transferred or assigned.

Completion of the permit application form will assist NPS in determining whether to grant or deny a request for a permit. To be considered, completed application packages must be received by NPS at least ten business days prior to filming. Please submit the following:

1. For non-commercial filming, please complete, sign, and return the NPS Form 10-930 Special Use Permit Application.

For still photography and commercial filming, please complete, sign, and return the NPS Form 10-932.

2. Submit a copy of the Certificate of Insurance, or its equivalent, naming the United States Government, National Park Service, Pearl Harbor NM as additionally insured for a minimum of $1,000,000.00. All insurers for all coverage must be rated no lower than A- by the most recent edition of the Best’s Key Rating Guide (Property-Casualty Edition); must have a Best’s Financial Size Category of at least VII according to the most recent edition of A.M. Best’s Key Rating Guide (PropertyCasualty Edition); and must be admitted, licensed, and approved to operate in the state of Hawaii.

Background: The sites at Pearl Harbor National Memorial represent the sacrifices made by thousands of American men and women under terrible circumstances. These memorials honor their sacrifice and preserve their stories for future generations.

Film permit: Applicants and permit holders acknowledge that the following conditions are in place to ensure the dignity and respect due to those Americans whose lives were lost and to their families who have lost loved ones.

In the immediate vicinity of the USS Arizona, USS Oklahoma, and USS Utah Memorials and the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center:

Any permit issued will be for filming and photography, alone: no on screen dialogue is allowed through this permit on the USS Arizona, USS Utah, and USS Oklahoma Memorials, on the floating dock near the USS Arizona Memorial or on the mooring quays along Battleship Row. The permit holder is required to present to the National Park Service the text of storylines, voice over narratives, story arc descriptions and other scene-related commentary utilizing images of the memorials as a part of the permit application process. NPS will review this information solely for purposes of determining if the legal criteria for issuance of a filming and photography permit are met. Choice of content is that of the applicant, alone, and will not be regulated by NPS.

Issuance of a film permit by the National Park Service does not provide any rights, consents, or authorizations (1) to film, photograph or record (regardless of form or the media on which it may be recorded) or use the name(s) of any individuals, including without limitation any park visitors; or (2) regarding to any claims of right of privacy or publicity that may be asserted by any individuals whose name, photographic likeness, image and/or voice may be contained in any films or photographs made. NPS is not liable for the disclosure, use or reproduction of any such recorded information.

Underwater Photography: Underwater photography of the wrecks of the USS Arizona and the USS Utah may be conducted by the NPS only and not by commercial or individual photographers. These wrecks serve as tombs for service members who gave their lives to their country while aboard those battleships during the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. This restriction reflects the character of the wrecks and assists in the preservation of these resources. The permit applicant acknowledges the following:

1. Use of underwater video footage or still imagery of the USS Arizona and/or USS Utah maintained by NPS must be requested through the film application process. The National Park Service will identify what imagery or video footage is available to the permit applicant.

2. If the video footage or still imagery available through the National Park Service is not acceptable to the permit applicant, the permit applicant may—at its sole discretion— support all government costs associated with acquiring new video footage or still imagery by the National Park Service.

3. The permit applicant acknowledges that all existing or newly acquired video or film footage or still imagery or record (regardless of form or the media on which it may be recorded) will be the property of the US Federal Government which shall have the right to use, disclose, reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies to the public and perform publicly and display publicly, in any manner and for any purpose, and to have or permit others to do so.

Safety and Stewarship: All filming will be done in such a way that provides for the protection of park resources and for the positive experience of the visitor. The safety of park visitors and employees, and film crewmembers will be ensured during all filming activities. Comply with all NPS escort requests. Do not alter, move, or disturb any park features protected by federal law against disturbance, removal or destruction. All crewmembers will remain in your group. Always allow for visitor access, use, and enjoyment of an area. Do not enter areas closed to the public unless permission is preauthorized and the crew is physically accompanied by US National Park Service personnel.

The NPS may assign a ranger to monitor your group for part or all of the shooting. The ranger will monitor the film crew's activity, provide essential resource protection and safety information, and inform visitors about the special use activity. NPS staff may also be assigned (at the NPS’ sole discretion) to provide resource education interviews. NPS Staff have the authority to suspend filming permit activities if terms and conditions are not adhered to.

First Amendment Events:

Areas have been designated where people who wish to express their first amendment rights may do so without unduly interfering with either pedestrian or vehicle circulation, or other visitors experience. For more information, see this document.


Active Duty Military Personnel
Regrettably, Pearl Harbor National Memorial is currently unable to facilitate re-enlistments, promotions or retirements at this time. For command tours, please email e-mail us using your ".mil" email account for additional information and forms. Please keep in mind, a request is just a request until confirmed by a National Park Service representative.

Commercial and Special Use Permits
As one of America’s most recognized symbols, the USS Arizona Memorial receives national media attention and frequent film permit requests. Working with Hollywood, cable and network television, print media, and scholars, the National Park Service staff at the USS Arizona Memorial assist in giving the story of Pearl Harbor a voice, highlighting its importance on a national and international level. Please visit our Do Business With Us page for more information on commercial use authorizations.

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Last updated: February 14, 2024

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