Physical / Mobility

Small image of person in wheelchair
Two accessible parking spaces for standard-sized vehicles are available at the Visitor Center parking area. Several "oversized" spaces that can accommodate campers, buses and large RVs are also available.

The Visitor Center provides accessible restrooms, a large open exhibit area, and height compliant water fountains.

Trail Accessibility
The full Pecos Pueblo Ruins Trail, the 1.25 mile long main loop near the Visitor Center, is paved except for for the portion leading from the Spanish Mission back to the Visitor Center, which is made of packed earth and light gravel.

Benches are located adjacent to the walking trail at the following locations:
In the breezeway of the Visitor Center
Between trail stops #1 and #2
Trail stop #5
Between trail stops #6 and #7
Trail stop #8

The Mission parking area also has benches, picnic tables, restrooms, and a water fountain.

There is a shorter trail approximately 3/4 mile in length that may taken at #5. It is adjacent to the South Pueblo and Spanish mission.

Civil War Trail
The 2.3 mile long Civil War battlefield trail has a 1/4-mile accessible portion that starts at the trailhead and is straight with a slight grade. The trail is hard-packed earth covered with light gravel. Benches are located at the end of the trail.
Debris on trail after hailstorm
Aftermath of a hail storm on the main loop trail.

Photo by Christine Beekman

Last updated: December 6, 2017

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