A portion of the Ancestral Sites Trail.
The Ancestral Sites Trail is made of packed earth and light gravel. Here is a view of a portion of the trail.

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The E.E. Fogelson Visitor Center
The visitor center is accessible to people in wheelchairs. There are no stairs and there is no ramp leading to the facility, but all approach walkways are paved and there are no steep inclines near the structure. There are two nearby accessible parking spaces available in the visitor center parking lot. There is one accessible water fountain inside the Visitor Center. There's one wheelchair available for loan within the visitior center on request and no fee to use it.

The Visitor Center houses a museum, theater, and bookstore. There are bulletin boards, waysides, and site bulletins available that describe many components of the park's rich and varied history. There is a bench/reading room area in which to sit and a small theater as well. WiFi Internet is available for free within the Visitor Center.

Trail Accessibility

Ancestral Sites Trail:

The 1.25 mile trail around the Pecos Pueblo and Church remains is made of packed earth and light gravel and may not be completely accessible. However, a shorter pathway is available from the Church parking lot and is fairly flat. There's a 6-8 percent incline between numbers 1 and 5 along the interpretive path; it is accessible by wheelchair. There are no ramps. At the start and end of the trail, there are accessible restrooms. There are three places to sit (benches) along the way.

Civil War Battlefield Trail:
The 2.3 mile long Civil War battlefield trail has a 1/4-mile accessible portion that starts at the trailhead and is straight with a slight grade. The trail is hard-packed earth covered with light gravel. Benches are located at the end of the trail. **Currently, the the accessible portion of the trail is damaged in some places. Please be extra careful and watch your step as you walk along this portion.**

Visit the pages below for additional accessibility information:
Deaf/Hearing Loss
Blind/Low Vision
Service Animals

Last updated: December 23, 2020

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