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Existing Documentation


Historic Themes and Resources within the
New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route
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U.S. Coast Survey:*
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         (No. T-155), 1842; 1:20:000 scale
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   New Jersey Shore of Delaware Bay (No. T-1661), 1884-85; 1:20,000 scale

("Descriptive Reports," or field notes, that typically accompany surveys ca. 1860s-80s were not located for this area)

Research Facilities


National Level
Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
National Agricultural Library, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, Maryland

State/University Level
University of Delaware - Special Collections, Newark, Delaware
Rutgers University - Special Collections, Alexander Library, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Rutgers University - Cook College, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Princeton University, Special Collections, Princeton, New Jersey
Trenton State Library and Archives

County and Local Level
Cumberland County Historical Society, Pirate House, Greenwich
Salem County Historical Society, Salem
Cape May County Historical and Genealogical Society, Cape May Court House
Millville Historical Society, Millville
Pennsville Historical Society, Pennsville
Bridgeton Public Library, Bridgeton
Cape May County Library, Cape May Court House
Center for the Lenni Lenape Indians, Bridgeton
Wheaton Village Library, Millville
Cedarville Public Library, Lawrence Township Historical Society Collection, Cedarville

Private Collections
Ed Abbott, Jr. - Abbott Family Collection
William Gehring - Collection of Papers and Historical Documents

Jay Gandy - Papers of Ferracute Machine Company
Al Huber - Maps documenting location of past oyster fields
Clem Sutton - Oral history of muskrating, meadows and watermen activities
Richard King - Collection of books on South Jersey

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