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Patterned Brick Houses

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Stack Houses

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Existing Documentation


Historic Themes and Resources within the
New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route
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Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record Collection
Includes measured drawings, written history and/or large-format photography; available from the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, or on microfiche.

Cape May County
Beadie Memorial Presbyterian Church, HABS No. NJ-911, Cape May Point
Cape May Point Lighthouse, HABS No. NJ-912, Cape May Point
U.S. Coast Guard Station, HABS No. NJ-450, Cape May Point
Cold Spring Presbyterian Church, HABS No. NJ-270, Cold Spring
Belle-Carroll House, HABS No. NJ-751, Dennisville
Nathaniel Holmes House, HABS No. NJ-752, Dennisville
Nathaniel Holmes House Privy, HABS No. NJ-752-A, Dennisville
William S. Townsend House, HABS No. NJ-753, Dennisville
William S. Townsend Outbuilding, HABS No. NJ-753-A, Dennisville
James Ludlam House, HABS No. NJ-754, Goshen
Joseph Falkenburg House, HABS No. NJ-756, South Dennis

Cumberland County
Bacon House, HABS No. NJ-354, Bacon's Neck
Gabriel S. Davis House, HABS No. NJ-267, Bacon's Neck
Thomas Maskell House (Vauxhall Gardens), HABS No. NJ-582, Bacon's Neck
Philip Dennis House, HABS No. NJ-583, Bayside Vicinity
163-165 West Broad Street House, HABS No. NJ-934, Bridgeton
Buck-Elmer House, HABS No. NJ-530, Bridgeton
Robert Elmer House, HABS No. NJ-404, Bridgeton
First Presbyterian Church, HABS No. NJ-272, Bridgeton
James Giles House, HABS No. NJ-221, Bridgeton
Seeley House, HABS No. NJ-497, Bridgeton
Woodruff-Lee House, HABS No. NJ-670, Bridgeton
Reeve-Marshall Log House, HABS No. NJ-215, Dorchester Vicinity
John Brick, III, House, HABS No. NJ-585, Dutch Neck
William Wheaton House, HABS No. NJ-584, Dutch Neck
Fairfield Presbyterian Church, HABS No. NJ-273, Fairton
Ewing Homestead, HABS No. NJ-138, Greenwich
Ferry Tavern and Jail, HABS No. NJ-268, Greenwich
Old Friends Meetinghouse, HABS No. NJ-105, Greenwich
Leonard Gibbon Homestead, HABS No. NJ-129, Greenwich
Old Stone School House, HABS No. NJ-222, Greenwich
John Sheppard House, HABS No. NJ-641, Greenwich
Old Stone Tavern, HABS No. NJ-104, Greenwich
Richard Wood House, HABS No. NJ-269, Greenwich
Richard Wood Store, HABS No. NJ-269-A, Greenwich
Samuel Ewing House, HABS No. NJ-635, Greenwich Vicinity
Thomas Maskell Store, HABS No. NJ-660, Greenwich Vicinity
Seeley-Davis Mill, HABS No. NJ-220-A, Greenwich Vicinity
Seeley-Davis Homestead, HABS No. NJ-220-B, Greenwich Vicinity
Cohansey Baptist Church, HABS No. NJ-463, Roadstown
Howell Homestead, HABS No. NJ-76, Roadstown
Wood Tavern, HABS No. NJ-44, Roadstown
David Sheppard House, HABS No. NJ-554, Sea Breeze

Salem County
Abel Nicholson House, HABS No. NJ-305, Elsinboro
Morris-Goodwin House, HABS No. NJ-690, Elsinboro Township
Mench-Reall Log Cabin, HABS No. NJ-262-C, Friesburg
Cedar Plank House, HABS No. NJ-106, Hancock's Bridge
Hancock House, HABS No. NJ-54, Hancock's Bridge
John Maddox Denn House, HABS No. NJ-260, Lower Alloways Creek
John and Hannah Oakford House, HABS No. NJ-349, Lower Alloways Creek
Stretch-Padgett House, HABS No. NJ-234, Lower Alloways Creek
Johnson-Goslin House, HABS No. NJ-347, Lower Penns Neck
Dolbow House, HABS No. NJ-615, Mannington Township
Pledger House, HABS No. NJ-385, Mannington Township
Jacob Fox House, HABS No. NJ-248, Mannington Vicinity
William Tyler House, HABS No. NJ-128, Quinton Vicinity
Bradway House, HABS No. NJ-379, Salem
Clement-Redstrake House, HABS No. NJ-377, Salem
Friends Meetinghouse, HABS No. NJ-77, Salem
Alexander Grant House, HABS No. NJ-78, Salem
Morris Hancock House, HABS No. NJ-591, Salem
Johnson House, HABS No. NJ-219, Salem
John Jones Law Office, HABS No. NJ-261, Salem
Keasby, HABS No. NJ-804, Salem
Sinnickson House, HABS No. NJ-806, Salem
Hedge Thompson House, HABS No. NJ-805, Salem
Victorian Cottage, HABS No. NJ-803, Salem
John Worledge House, HABS No. NJ-383, Salem
Benjamin Holmes House, HABS No. NJ-481, Salem Vicinity

National Register of Historic Places Listings
Includes history, black-and-white photographs, location keyed to a U.S.G.S. map; available from the National Register of Historic Places, NPS, or the New Jersey state historic preservation office.

Cape May County
Cape May Lighthouse, Cape May Point
Dennisville Historic District, Dennisville
Fishing Creek Schoolhouse, Villas
William S. Townsend House, Dennisville

Cumberland County
Bridgeton Historic District, Bridgeton
Jeremiah Buck House, Bridgeton
Deerfield Pike Tollgate House, Bridgeton
General James Giles House, Bridgeton
Greenwich Historic District, Greenwich
Caesar Hoskins Log Cabin, Mauricetown
Thomas Maskel House, Greenwich Vicinity
Millville's First Bank Building, Millville
Old Broad Street Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, Bridgeton
Old Stone Church, Cedarville Vicinity
Potter's Tavern, Bridgeton
Samuel W. Seeley House, Bridgeton

Salem County
Finn's Point Rear Range Light, Salem Vicinity
Fort Mott and Finn's Point National Cemetery District, Salem Vicinity
Hancock House, Hancock's Bridge
Benjamin Holmes House, Salem Vicinity
Market Street Historic District, Salem

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Historic maps of urban areas, detail building materials, features, uses, etc., in color; date of map is followed by the number of sheets in parentheses; available at the Library of Congress in original form and on microfilm.

Cumberland County

Port Norris (5604): May 1920 (5); May '20-June '45 (5); some include part of Commercial Township and Bivalve, Maurice River, Shell Pile.
Bridgeton (5430): June 1886 (10); August '91 (12); July '96 (16); February 1903 (24); December '08 (34); November '15 (32); October '23 (33, incl. Fairton); January '30 (42); January '30 - July '47 (42).
Millville (5555): July 1886 (6); August '91 (7); October '98 (10); April 1903 (18); October '08 (25); February '15 (15); September '23 (22); April '29 (37); April '29 - August '47 (37).

Salem County

Salem (5621): July 1885 (6); July '91 (9); July '96 (13); December 1902 (18); January '09 (23); December '15 (17); June '23 (22); January '30 (22); January '30 - July '47 (bound).
Pennsville: June 1923 (2); January '30; January '38 (5).

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