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The Civilian Conservation Corps and
the National Park Service, 1933-1942:

An Administrative History
Appendix F
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The motion picture project, which was started in a small way in the fall of 1933, has had two principal objectives: (1) to record in an interesting manner the major activities of the Civilian Conservation Corps in national and State Park areas, and (2) to provide educational motion picture service to the CCC camps located in those same areas.

In keeping with these objectives, two field cameramen have been routed among the various national and State parks for the purpose of recording CCC activities and other items of interest in those areas, including scenic and educational features of the parks. Approximately 95,000 feet of negatives have been exposed, and the following silent motion picture subjects have been released:

A Day in Virginia Camps1 reel
Winter Sun and Summer Sea (Florida)1 reel
Saving the Beauty of Alabama1 reel
Evangeline's Haven of Peace (Louisiana)1 reel
Outdoors in the Garden State (New Jersey)2 reels
Veteran of Three Wars (Fort Frederick, Md.)1 reel
A Forest Playground (Patapsco State Park, Maryland)1 reel
Morristown National Historical Park1 reel
Glimpses of National Parks I1 reel
Glimpses of National Parks II1 reel
Glimpses of National Parks III½ reel

The following synchronized sound subjects have been released:

Winter Sun and Summer Sea (Florida)2 reels
Outdoors in the Garden State (New Jersey)2 reels
Running Water (Geology)1 reel

Source: Demaray to Fechner, March 16, 1935, RG 35, NA.

Additional subjects as listed below are in production and are nearing completion:

A visit to Mesa Verde National Park2 reels
Looking Backward Through the Ages (Mesa Verde)2 reels
CCC Activities in Mesa Verde1 reel
Land of the Giants (California CCC)2 reels
Pilgrim Forests (New England CCC)2 reels
Seeing Glacier National Park1 reel
Big Welcome - Big Chief (Glacier)1 reel
White Sands National Monument1 reel
Colorado National Monument1 reel
Yosemite National Park3 reels
Open Books of the Ages (Grand Canyon)3 reels
Summer Ends in the Rockies1 reel
Ground Water1 reel
Atmospheric Gradation1 reel
Geologic Work of Ice1 reel
Mountain Building1 reel
Volcanoes in Action1 reel

In addition to the above, there are several thousands of feet of exposed negative on hand covering CCC activities and other interesting features in national parks and monuments and State parks throughout the South, Middle-west, and Southwest. This film will be edited into suitable silent and sound educational subjects for distribution among the CCC camps and among such other educational organizations as may desire to use them.

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