History of Badlands National Monument
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Cover photo: THE CASTLE, five miles west of Cedar Pass and just west of Norbeck Pass, is a spectacular saw-tooth ridge which was named by early local ranchers. The spires rise more than 200 feet above the Fossil Exhibit Trail (see Figure 28) and approximately 450 feet above the lower grassland plains which are out of view on the left. The ridge is an eroded remnant of rock layers which formerly covered Badlands National Monument and surrounding areas.


Chronology of Badlands National Monument and the White River (Big) Badlands

Early Indians and Explorers

The Settlers Come

Legislation for Park Establishment

The Depression Years

Early Development of the National Monument

Mission 66 Development


A Annual Visitor Use, 1938 - 1967

B Custodians and Superintendents of Badlands National Monument

C Picture Credits

D Footnotes and References

E Map of Badlands National Monument

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Badlands National Monument
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History of Badlands National Monument
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