Mapping the Conflict

The lower Rio Grande Valley was the stage for much of the early action during the war. The armies of Zachary Taylor and Mariano Arista battled each other several times in these early stages.

They clashes ranged from the riverside action at Rancho de Carricitos to the artillery duel at Palo Alto. Both armies fought desperately for control of the area.

Rancho de Carricitos—A brief skirmish at the tiny settlement of Rancho de Carricitos ignited a two-year war between the U.S. and Mexico.

Fort Texas—Zachary Taylor's riverside fort withstood a six-day siege. The city of Brownsville, Texas, would grow up around it.

Palo Alto—Gen. Mariano Arista expected the open prairie of Palo Alto to favor his larger army and his cavalry. Instead, the power and mobility of the U.S. artillery placed him at a disadvantage.

Resaca de la Palma—In contrast to the Battle of Palo Alto, the clash at Resaca de la Palma was mainly an infantry battle.
Map showing opening battles of the war
Map showing opening battles of the war



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