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Engineer, Sean Kennealy, On top of  the Washington Monument.
Engineer, Sean Kennealy, On top of  the Washington Monument.


Join a team where our values guide everything we do and create a way for our shared success. Be part of preserving some of America's most beautiful living treasures. Breathtaking views of lush valleys, majestic mountain tops, pristine rivers and trails, that make good on the promise to make us whole again. Put your talent and inspiration to work by helping preserve our precious National Park System today and in the future.

Lead the future. Put your savvy to work.

Are you looking for a job or a career with purpose? More than likely, you’ll be able to find a National Park unit across the United States, ranging from monuments to battlefields to parks, lakeshores, recreation areas that need passionate and smart people to care for them. Do you know what they all have in common? Well-trained and passionate employees that are protecting our most precious American treasures. Will you be one of them?

Visit USAJobs to view current openings in the National Park Service, including the Park Planning, Facilities and Lands Directorate (PPFL).

PPFL Employment Types

Our teams most often offer expertise in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and business operations. Some of our most frequent jobs that you’ll see advertised on USAJobs are in the following areas:

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The story of places—a story of where we come from—is a story that belongs to all of us. If you share our commitment to conservation, preservation, and recreation, we welcome your experience, background, and expertise. If you’re good at what you do and are looking to serve with the National Park Service, apply today. You’ll experience different work environments and apply your skills in the maintenance, restoration, repair, and reconstruction of buildings ranging widely in historic period, architectural style, materials, and condition. You’ll have the opportunity to lead and construct preservation training, perform simple to complex work ranging in scope, precision, and scale. If you’re someone with a range of expertise in building and getting the job done well, we’re looking for you!

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America's historic sites are irreplaceable. From looming arches and bell towers to battlefields and forest-hidden homes, these spaces are our lived stories and reminders of the diverse experiences and history that shapes us. This is an opportunity to be a project leader, researcher, and investigator working on some of the more than 76,000 property assets, from museum and archival resources, to buildings, landscapes, districts, and archaeological sites. Deferred maintenance within the Park Service is at an all-time high, and the Historic Preservation Training Center is looking for a leader to share their expertise and help train others during this exciting time.  

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Our architects dare to think outside the box. They field imaginative, creative solutions daily, imbuing the nation's most scenic and historic places with a sense of wonder and possibility. If you think you’re ready to apply your skills to help restore our parks, helping to educate and inspire people for generations to come, well, what are you waiting for? PPFL needs a leader like you. 

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Our national parks cannot thrive without the proper support systems and processes in place. Are you passionate about being involved with projects from beginning to end, as well as the national parks and outdoors? You will be able to leverage your project management professional skills and civil engineering expertise to help support long-term park goals by planning, designing, and estimating project costs to truly get the most out of each project. You will design the project to receive funding, as well as provide complete project oversight once funding is received to ensure that the project is completed, and our goals are accomplished. You will work closely under the supervision of a supervisory project manager. 

Traditional Trades Advancement Program

Are you happier working with your hands rather than sitting behind a desk? We have some great options for you through our Traditional Trades Advancement Program.

The Traditional Trades Advancement Program (TTAP) is an immersive 20-week experience where participants preserve cultural resources and crucial infrastructure of National Park Service sites, and in so doing, preserve craft skills necessary for ensuring these sites continue to inspire and educate the next generation.

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Youth and military veterans are invited to join the Traditional Trades Advancement Program of the National Park Service. Learn skills, work in amazing places, and preserve the history that defines us all. Video: NPS / Kristi Rugg

Current Job Opportunities

Last updated: June 9, 2022