Publication cover of the Urban Lights publication
Urban Lights: Illuminating Progress on the NPS Urban Agenda, 2017
Urban Lights is a collection of stories and learnings from across the country, showcasing the breadth and depth of innovative work in the urban sphere from coast to coast. The programs and partnerships featured here illustrate a variety of relationships between public lands and urban communities. These stories shine a light on new approaches to working and illuminate a path forward for parks and programs working in urban areas.
Urban Agenda Cover
NPS Urban Agenda, 2015
As the Service aspires to meet its Centennial goals, it is now time that the NPS strategically organizes its many parks and programs to build relevancy for all Americans. As the Urban Agenda was developed, many National Park Service employees and partners shared their pioneering stories that embrace the urban mission as a critical component of our second century of National Park stewardship. The Agenda calls all urban park practitioners to embrace three bold principles:
- Be Relevant to All Americans
- Activate "ONE NPS"
- Nurture a Culture of Collaboration

Last updated: January 28, 2019