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The world has changed profoundly in the century since the establishment of the National Park Service. The Agency continues to evolve and issues facing our parks have become more diverse and complex. The Institute works with the NPS leadership programs and initiatives, academia, and partners on providing practitioners with 21st century knowledge and skills that foster collaborative, adaptive, and resilient leadership.

Highlighted Programs

SLR Group Teton Science School
Superintendents Leadership Roundtable group

Superintendents Leadership Roundtable
In partnership with the Learning and Development Office (L&D), the Institute, a program of the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, manages the Superintendents Leadership Roundtable (SLR) program. As part of the national portfolio of leadership development opportunities, the SLR program enhances the capacity of NPS leaders to meet the challenges associated with the increasing complexity of park management. Participants learn to better negotiate complex issues, embrace innovation and build the commitment of a diverse public for the stewardship of our national system of parks. NPS superintendents participate annually in facilitated peer-to-peer dialogue.Throughout the year, the Institute supports a superintendent community of practice with webinars, conference calls, online resources, and interactive media.

SLR Enhances Professional and Organizational Excellence
"It's one of the most valuable developmental opportunities I've had in my career: the chance to come together with other superintendents...from across the country who face a wide range of issues - many of which are in common with issues that I have." -- SLR Participant

Advancing Employee Engagement
The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (EVS) is administered by the Office of Personnel Management to federal employees every year to gauge employee satisfaction and engagement in their workplace. For the first time, in 2012, the NPS received results for over 200 parks and office across the Service. The NPS Office of Workplace Enrichment (WE) asked the Institute to study a selection of high performing parks and office to explore the "stories behind the numbers" and learn from the successes of top performing worksites in the NPS. The outcomes will be nationally-focused and provide an understanding what behaviors and conditions are necessary to build a workplace that engages and satisfies employees while achieving organizational objectives in the most efficient and effective manner possible. This study is part of larger research and engagement efforts to increase employee satisfaction and better understand how managers and leaders can foster productive work environments.

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