Interpretation and Education

Communication Strategies cover

Communication Strategies that Promote Ocean Stewardship Action: A Booklet for Interpreters and Educators, 2010
This booklet is a direct result of a June 2009 workshop on “Ocean Literacy and Stewardship Messages". Its purpose is to share key lessons learned and key concepts developed, thereby helping agencies and their partners shape effective communications to foster public awareness and ocean stewardship. It is not meant to be a final, definitive work, but rather a foundation for further collaboration and development of more-refined programs to engage and motivate people to take action on behalf of our oceans.

Park for Every Classroom Case Studies cover resized

A Park for Every Classroom: 8 Case Studies (pdf 4.84 MB)

Lessons Learned form the Massachusetts Area Parks Student Career Intake Program (SCIP), Year 1 (pdf only 2.19MB)

Engaging Young Adults in a Sustainable Future: Strategies for National Parks and Other Special Places A Report to the National Park Foundation

Quantifying a Relationship Between Place-based Learning and Environmental Quality Research Brief

Learning Together: Proceedings, Evaluation, and Applying Lessons Learned, 2007 (pdf 12.9MB)

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