What We Do

The Biological Resources Division (BRD) works to support parks in restoring and maintaining healthy ecosystems. We do this by caring for the plants, animals, and landscapes within our national parks. BRD is divided into three branches to help achieve the National Park Service mission.

Division Branches

  • A person with sprayer backpack stands by a mountain lake with vegetation in the foreground

    Landscape Restoration and Adaptation

    The Landscape Restoration and Adaptation Branch helps restore disrupted ecological processes and degraded landscapes.

  • Silhouettes of four Sand-hill cranes fly through an orange and yellow sky

    Wildlife Conservation

    The Wildlife Conservation Branch helps park managers conserve at-risk species through science and policy.

  • Gloved scientists hold a ruler next to a bird's feet

    Wildlife Health

    The health of humans, animals and the environment are interconnected. The Wildlife Health Branch helps keep our ecosystems healthy.

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    Last updated: December 21, 2021