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A chipmunk looks back from a ledge, seeming to say "hello!".
A golden-mantled ground squirrel in Rocky Mountain National Park.

NPS photo/M. Reed

Biological Resources Division
Natural Resources Stewardship and Science Directorate

1201 Oakridge Drive, Suite 200
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Phone: 970-225-3505
Fax: 970-225-3585

Office of the Division Chief


Wildlife Conservation Branch
Wildlife Health Branch
Landscape Restoration and Adaptation Branch
Biodiversity Discovery Program

Office of the Division Chief

Todd Suess
Biological Resources Division Chief

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Marie Felder
Administrative Support Assistant

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Wildlife Conservation Branch

Mike Wrigley
Branch Chief
Expertise: At-risk species (Federally listed) and other rare species, wildlife management, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, habitat restoration, species conservation, landscapes
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Amanda Hardy, PhD
Wildlife Biologist
Expertise: human-wildlife interactions, terrestrial mammal ecology, climate change adaptation, bison conservation, road ecology
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Nicole Brandt Turner
Pathways Biological Science Technician
Expertise: marine ecology, migratory wildlife, human-wildlife interactions
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Dave Treviño
Wildlife Biologist
Expertise: Avifauna, monarch butterfly, conservation biology
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William (Bill) Austin
Wildlife Biologist
Expertise: At-risk species (threatened and endangered)/special status species
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Jennifer Sieracki
Invasive Animal Coordinator
Expertise: invasive species ecology, spatial modeling, landscape ecology
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Kass (Hardy) Bissmeyer
Management Assistant
Expertise: large landscape conservation, landscape initiatives, corridors, pollinators, NP System Plan
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Wildlife Health Branch

Jenny Powers, DVM, PhD
Branch Chief
Expertise: wildlife anesthesia, wildlife fertility control, disease of ungulates
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Scott Ratchford
Wildlife Technician
Expertise: wildlife capture and handling, anesthesia, biological sampling, GIS, database management
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CDR Danielle Buttke, DVM, PhD, MPH, DACVPM
One Health Coordinator
Expertise: public health, zoonotic disease, environmental health
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Nathan Galloway
Disease Ecologist
Expertise: wildlife disease, population ecology, statistical models
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Tracy Thompson
Veterinary Medical Officer
Expertise: animal welfare veterinarian, herpetological health specialist
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Michelle Verant
Wildlife Veterinarian
Expertise: veterinary assistance and consultation, wildlife mortality investigation, One Health, science communication
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Allie Petersen
Wildlife Health Technician
Expertise: animal welfare, wildlife health, IACUC
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James C Howard IV
Integrated Pest Management Physical Scientist
Expertise: pesticides, integrated pest management, pollinators, forest health
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Jim Pieper
Servicewide Integrated Pest Management Coordinator

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Landscape Restoration and Adaptation Branch

Lori Makarick
Branch Chief
Expertise: native plant conservation, invasive plant management, forest health, ecological restoration, pollinator habitat protection
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Terri Hogan
Invasive Plant Program Manager
Expertise: plant ecology, invasive plant management, rare, at-risk (threatened and endangered) plant species, plant community ecology
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Gregory E. Eckert, PhD, CERP
Restoration Ecologist
Expertise: restoration ecology, soil ecology, rare species management, wildland fire and natural disturbance, native plant materials

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Jordan Spaak
Expertise: livestock/grazing management, rangeland/grassland management, domestic stock and wildlife interactions
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Alex Stoneburner
Biological Science Technician (Data Manager)
Expertise: data management, livestock management, grassland ecology
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Biodiversity Discovery Program

Kris Barnes
Biodiversity Discovery Program Lead

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Kiersten Jarvis
Project Manager
Expertise: citizen science, BioBlitz, youth internships
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Parker Hopkins
Data Technician
Expertise: citizen science data manager, outreach
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Last updated: February 24, 2020