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Caught mid-flail, this cub looks like it is waving at somebody
Caught mid-flail, this cub looks like it is waving at somebody.

NPS/Ken Conger

Biological Resources Division
Natural Resources Stewardship and Science Directorate

1201 Oakridge Drive, Suite 200
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Phone: 970-225-3505
Fax: 970-225-3585

Biological Resources Division Staff

Todd Suess 
Biological Resources Division Chief 
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Marie Felder 
Administrative Support Assistant 
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Kass Bissmeyer 
Program Specialist
Expertise: Connected Conservation, program coordination, policy, facilitation, communications  
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Tyler Chisholm
Visual Information Specialist
Expertise: Web, communications, Explore Nature social media channels
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Brendan Moynahan  
Acting Branch Chief  
Expertise: wildlife population ecology, conservation ecology and planning, ungulate ecology, bison, conservation partnerships, avian ecology  
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Dave Treviño 
Wildlife Biologist 
Expertise: avian & monarch butterfly ecology/conservation, conservation biology, alternative energy production impacts 
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Jennifer Sieracki 
Invasive Animals Program Coordinator 
Expertise: invasive species ecology, spatial modeling, landscape ecology 
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Nicole Brandt Turner 
Pathways Biological Science Technician 
Expertise: marine ecology, migratory wildlife, human-wildlife interactions 
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Lisa Shender, MS, DVM, PhD  
Wildlife Veterinarian 
Expertise: avian, amphibian, and reptile health; wildlife epidemiology 
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Jenny Powers, DVM, PhD 
Branch Chief 
Expertise: Wildlife health and disease, wildlife anesthesia, One Health, interplay between policy and health. 
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Scott Ratchford 
Wildlife Technician 
Expertise: wildlife capture and handling, wildlife anesthesia, GIS, database management 
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CDR Danielle Buttke, DVM, PhD, MPH, DACVPM 
One Health Coordinator 
Expertise: public health, zoonotic disease, climate change and health 
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Nathan Galloway, PhD 
Disease Ecologist 
Expertise: wildlife disease, population ecology, population genetics, statistical models, chronic wasting disease, wild sheep respiratory disease. 
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Laurie Baeten
Wildlife Veterinarian
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Michelle Verant, DVM, MPH, PhD 
Wildlife Veterinarian 
Expertise: wildlife capture and anesthesia, wildlife mortality investigation, disease surveillance and risk analysis, One Health, science communication 
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Melanie Woolever 
NPS Contractor  
Expertise: bighorn sheep  
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Allie Petersen 
Biological Science Technician 
Expertise: animal welfare, wildlife health, IACUC, veterinary diagnostics 
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Jim Pieper 
Servicewide Integrated Pest Management Coordinator 
Expertise: pesticides, integrated pest management, policy,  
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James C Howard IV 
Integrated Pest Management Program Specialist 
Expertise: pesticides, structural pest control, forest health pest 
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Lori Makarick 
Branch Chief 
Expertise: native plant conservation, invasive plant management, forest health, ecological restoration, pollinator habitat stewardship 
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Terri Hogan 
Invasive Plant Program Manager 
Expertise: plant ecology, invasive plant management, rare, at-risk (threatened and endangered) plant species, plant community ecology 
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Gregory E. Eckert, PhD, CERP 
Restoration Ecologist 
Expertise: restoration ecology, soil ecology, rare species management, wildland fire and natural disturbance, native plant materials 
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Erik Jackson 
Data Manager 
Expertise: data management, GIS tools and services, remote sensing, natural resource data analysis and interpretation, modeling 
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Jordan Spaak 
Expertise: livestock/grazing management, rangeland/grassland management, domestic stock and wildlife interactions 
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Alex Stoneburner 
Biological Science Technician 
Expertise: livestock/grazing management, rangeland/grassland ecology, data management 
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Katharine (Katie) Vinzant
Expertise: Native plant materials, plant ecology, revegetation and restoration, rare plant conservation, botany 
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Last updated: March 14, 2022