Landscape Restoration and Adaptation Branch

Trained park employee searches for invasive plants along the bank of a spanning lake
A member of the California Exotic Plant Management Team searches for invasive plants along the shore of Ross Lake in North Cascades National Park.

NPS Photo.

The Landscape Restoration and Adaptation Branch (LRAB) provides the policy, tools, and technical assistance necessary for national parks to restore disrupted ecological processes and degraded landscapes, improving ecosystem response. From biological invasions to development by humans, LRAB collectively addresses through a variety of strategies.

Branch expertise includes:

  • Plant, soil, and fire ecology,

  • Invasive plant management,

  • Ecological restoration,

  • Data management, and

  • Spatial modeling of landscapes

LRAB provides scientific expertise and technical support to regional and park staff in a time of constant environmental change, increased visitation to parks, and more.

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Woman riding in a canoe, displaying green algae pulled from the lake

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Marsh land in Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve

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Last updated: February 15, 2018