Wildlife Conservation Branch

Sand-hill cranes flying against a bright orange sky
The Wildlife Conservation Branch helps preserve species in national parks, providing unique viewing experiences, such as with the Sand-hill cranes.

NPS Photo.

The Wildlife Conservation Branch (WCB) provides a leadership role in advocating for science-based conservation of wildlife resources by enhancing a Service-wide appreciation for wildlife science and policy. The Branch fosters and supports a community of exceptional and diverse wildlife biologists and ecologists within the National Park Service(NPS).

Branch expertise includes:

  • Wildlife management,
  • Conservation genetics,
  • Invasive animals,
  • Threatened and endangered species,
  • Human dimensions, and
  • Park planning involving wildlife management
The Branch provides training and technical assistance to NPS wildlife biologists, ecologists and administrators, and collaborates with a wide range of national and international wildlife organizations towards new, immediate, and long-lasting solutions to complex wildlife issues essential.

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Close up of a bison eye

Bison in national parks

Bison are a wildlife conservation success - they came back from the brink of extinction to become our national mammal!

A grizzly bear in the snow, looking out from behind a tree

Rare & Endangered Species

National parks provide refuge for thousands of rare and endangered wildlife species.

Last updated: October 31, 2018