Who We Are: Mapping History for the Future

We are the only National Park Service (NPS) Program dedicated to developing and fostering the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and global positioning systems (GPS) software and technology to our work with cultural resources. We record, map, manage, and analyze cultural resources and historic places through the guise of (GIS) technology to capture the connections between history and place. Our purpose is to share the knowledge of geospatial technological capabilities to promote accessibility of historic resources and place-base knowledge on a spatial scale for heritage and cultural via GIS tools.

We are the National Geospatial Data Assets’ (NGDA) Cultural Resources Theme Lead for the Cultural Resources Subcommittee of the Federal Geospatial Data Committee (FGDC), and remain an active member on the Geospatial Data Committee. We offer training in GIS and GPS fieldschools, perform surveys for cultural and historic sites, and develop maps and web applications for and with our partners and clients. We build geospatial inventory database systems, regularly manage a national repository for cultural resources (the National CR GIS Dataset), and regularly update the Geospatial Data Transfer Standards (a Federally mandated initiative).

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Buildings and street signs in New Orleans, LA
National Register Historic Places Data

Learn more about the National Register of Historic Places spatial data and resources.

A map of St. Mihie Region WWI
NPS CR Data Transfer Standards

Access the NPS Cultural Resources Data Transfer Standards.

A map of cultural resources in red points
National Cultural Resources GIS Dataset

Access the Cultural Resources GIS Dataset (CR Enterprise) here. For internal use only.

Mesa Verde stone structure
FGDC, GDA, and Cultural Resources Theme

Learn more about the Federal Geospatial Data Committee, Geospatial Data Act, and the NGDA Cultural Resources Theme.

Surveyor using FieldMaps
CRGIS Trainings and Services

CRGIS offers many trainings and services for GIS, GPS, database, and map creation. Learn more here.

CRGIS StoryMap home page
StoryMaps, Web Apps, and CRGIS Projects

Explore CRGIS StoryMaps, web mapping applications, and projects.

Map for a CRGIS project in Nashville, TN.
CRGIS and Disaster Preparedness

View tools and case studies for applying GIS for disaster preparedness, resilience, and historic preservation.

Last updated: April 2, 2024