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GIS Data and Information

For Geographic Information System data regarding the Oregon National Historic Trail, please visit Resource Information Management and the National Trails office for more information.


Trail sites are located across 2,000 miles and 6 states. The Trail is administered by the NPS office located at:

Two large tan rock pillars stand out of a green landscape with sunflowers in the foreground.
Courthouse Rocks were important landmarks for emigrants passing through Nebraska on their way to Oregon.

Trail Administration

The Oregon National Historic Trail (NHT) was designated by Congress in 1978 and is administered by the National Park Service as a component of the National Trails System. Despite the name, the Oregon NHT is not a continuous traditional trail from end to end, but consists of many trail traces, structures, graves, landmarks, and markers left on the landscape to remind us that the trail still lives on.

Protect the Trail

To foster trail preservation, do not use metal detectors, dig at sites, collect artifacts, or remove anything. Please respect these historic places.


More Trip Planning Information:

Last updated: March 18, 2020

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