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Due to the length of the Oregon National Historic Trail, be sure to consult local weather sources for the region you'll be visiting. The trail passes through seven states.

Entrance Fees:

Entrance fees vary site by site - $0.00

There are no user or entry fees for the Oregon National Historic Trail. Fees may be charged at some trail-related federal, state, or locally owned historic sites and interpretive facilities. Please visit Plan Your Visit / Places To Go for an interactive map and extensive list of places to visit by state or our Links and Resources page for useful trip planning websites. Contact information is available for each site to call and find out about fees.

Visitor Centers vary from state to state

The Oregon National Historic Trail passes through seven states. A variety of visitor facilities are available along the trail. See our Things to Do page for recommendations.

Two large tan rock pillars stand out of a green landscape with sunflowers in the foreground.
Courthouse Rocks were important landmarks for emigrants passing through Nebraska on their way to Oregon.

Enjoy the Oregon National Historic Trail!

Essential Information for Your Trip on the Trail

Oregon! The very word evoked visions of paradise. Towering trees. Lush valleys with rich soil. Land of unlimited opportunity. Between 1840 and 1869 those visions lured over 500,000 pioneers west to fulfill their dreams and a nation's destiny. These emigrants started their journeys in Kansas and Missouri, walking more than 2,000 miles for months in pursuit of a better life.

Today, the Oregon Trail still beckons the adventurous and modern highways overlay much of the route. These corridors near the original trail route are called Auto Tour Routes. Follow these Routes to travel in the footsteps of these rugged pioneers.

The Oregon National Historic Trail (NHT) was designated by Congress in 1978 and is administered by the National Park Service as a component of the National Trails System. Despite the name, the Oregon NHT is not a continuous traditional trail from end to end, but consists of many trail traces, structures, graves, landmarks, and markers left on the landscape to remind us that the trail still lives on.

Here is some information to help you plan your visit along the Oregon NHT.

Places To Go offers site listings by state that include site name, address, phone number, access, historical significance, onsite interpretation, and website.

Fees & Passes offers information on what costs may be associated with your visit.

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