We have a variety of lessons and activities for grades 4-12 available through the links below! They are an essential lens to understanding the perspectives, pathways, and intersections of emigrants, American Indians, white settlers, soldiers and traders throughout the early to late 19th century.

We highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with:

Through the portal, you will have full access to NPS recommended lessons and activities that align with Common Core and State Standards. Simply use the search engine and type in "Oregon National Historic Trail." Some of these lessons are credited to teachers in local communities, while others link to partner websites and associated trail sites along the Oregon Trail.

National Historic Trails Lesson Plans

This 3-5 day lesson focuses on the skills of collaboration and presentation in an effort to teach students about the content and concepts along nine of the national historic trails. The purpose of this is to have them not only research and understand, but also think critically about the pathways and perspectives of trail travelers. This multiday lesson plan was created by a Colorado teacher for national historic trails (see below).

Partner Lesson Plans

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

Diaries and Publications contains primary resources and mini lessons.

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