Things To Do

  • Tour a marble cave (There are no self-guided tours).
  • Stay or tour through a National Historic Landmark, Oregon Caves Chateau.
  • Discover four enjoyable hiking trails that meander through the ancient forests on the Monument.
  • Participate in Ranger Programs and understand more about wildlife and plants on the Monument. Find out more at the Bi-Monthly Site Bulletins.
  • Earn a Junior Ranger Badge and help protect and preserve the Monument.
100 Things to do at Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve

On the Monument
1. Tour the Historic District
2. Watch for deer
3. Take a cave tour
4. Peruse the bookstore
5. Go through the exhibit
6. Become a Junior Ranger
7. Take a Candlelight cave tour
8. Photograph the Historic District
9. Take an Off-trail tour
10. Picnic near the cave entrance

Recreation on the Preserve
1. Hike the preserve's twenty miles of trails
2. Photograph wildflowers at Bigelow Lakes
3. Take in the sunshine
4. Cycle River Mountains Loop Trail
5. Hunt wild game
6. Picnic in the mountain meadows
7. Photograph the birds
8. Look for bear and cougar tracks
9. Watch the sunset from Mt. Elijah
10. Enjoy the starry, starry night

By Car
1. Visit the Illinois Valley Visitor Center
2. Visit the Highway 46 wayside panels
3. Drive along Caves Highway
4. Checkout Grayback Campground
5. Picnic at Chinquapin Group Campground (reservations required)
6. Scope out the Confidence Markers
7. Watch for wildlife on Highway 46
8. Tour the Circle of Discovery
9. Checkout the National Monument sign
10. Watch the moon rise over the Preserve in the lower parking lot

By Foot
1. Picnic on the No Name Trail
2. Experience panoramic views on the Cliff Nature Trail
3. Hike ancient forests on the Old Growth Trail
4. Discover the Big Tree
5. Wander along the Cave Creek Trail
6. Study flowers on the Lake Mountain Trail
7. Run a marathon along the Big Tree Trail Loop
8. Hike to the Mt. Elijah summit
9. Relax at the covered bridge on No Name Trail
10. Take a break at Bigelow Lakes

1. Enjoy a milkshake in the Chateau
2. Take a Chateau Tour
3. Enjoy live piano music in the Chateau Lobby
4. Explore the Chateau gift gallery
5. Enjoy a local wine over an evening dinner
6. Relax with a coffee by the waterfall pool
7. Read a book
8. Pass the time with a game of chess
9. Have lunch in the 1950s diner
10. Stay the night

1. Pet an insect
2. See a new endemic species
3. Watch a grizzly bear appear and disappear
4. Listen to how bats echolocation
5. Learn about the "Layers of Life" in a forest
6. Watch continents collide
7. Match animal sounds to wildlife
8. Crawl through a cave passage
9. Touch marble and compare it to other rocks
10. See big skulls and little skeletons

With Kids
1. Explore the Blind Leads "mini" caves
2. Try the "squeeze box" for small spaces
3. Put on the Exhibit's caving gear and pretend explore
4. Go on a haunted tour around Halloween
5. Drive up for special events and programs
6. Stay the night in "Elizabeth's room" and meet her ghost
7. Listen for bird calls and try to name that bird
8. Play a game of I Spy along the Cliff Nature Trail
9. Follow the Scavenger Hunt in a Ranger booklet
10. Watch the Townsend's chipmunks play "chase me"

When it is Snowing
1. Take a Field Guide to Animal Tracks and practice your skills
2. Snowshoe
3. Measure giant icicles at the cave's gated entrance
4. Cross Country Ski
5. Build a snow cave-person
6. Sign up for a Siskiyou Field Institute led winter walk
7. Soak in winter solitude and sweet silences
8. Hunt for Bigfoot evidence in the snow with binoculars
9. Do a digital detox and fast from your tech addictions
10. Sip hot chocolate by the ice cold pools

1. Learn about regional geology
2. Experience total darkness
3. Learn new words like speleogenesis
4. Dance in Kincaid's Dancehall
5. Hear voices in the running waters
6. Whet the appetite with cave bacon, cave popcorn, and scallops
7. Get swallowed by a "whale"
8. See how layers of history mixed and baked in the rocks
9. See differences of blasted and natural tunnels
10. Imagine an early pioneer cave adventurer

When it is Raining
1. Watch the Oregon Caves movie in the Chateau
2. Support local crafters with early holiday shopping
3. Take a selfie with the jaguar in the breezeway
4. Warm yourself by the Chateau fireplace
5. Meet an Artist in Residence
6. Share poetry at Chateau poetry nights
7. Boost your resource knowledge with a natural history book
8. Sort through the crystals and polished rocks bin
9. Search out snails, slugs, and salamanders on trails
10. Chat with a Ranger and fellow visitors under the breezeway

Last updated: September 14, 2016

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