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Reservations: A limited number of reservation tours are offered on a weekly basis every Sunday morning at 8:00 AM for the following week. Visit
Same day tickets: First come, first served cave tours are available for purchase at park visitor centers. Early sell outs and long waits are anticipated.
We strongly recommend you stop at the Illinois Valley Visitor Center first to buy a ticket. It is a 45-minute, one-way drive to the cave. Buy a ticket here and you will reduce your wait and help avoid being sold out.

Currently, there are no dining or lodging options available in the park. You are strongly advised to bring a picnic lunch or eat in Cave Junction before you drive to the monument.

The Oregon Caves Chateau, café and dining room is CLOSED until further notice for repairs and rehabilitation.


Special Park Use Permits

Special Park Use Permits are required for activities that provide a benefit to an individual, group or organization, rather than the public at large. In addition, special events usually require some degree of management from the National Park Service staff in order to protect park resources and the public interest. Some examples of special events that may require a permit are sporting events, festivals, concerts, weddings, cultural programs, and large group picnics. Regulations covering special events can be found at 36 CFR 2.50. The authority for the National Park Service to recover and retain costs associated with managing special park uses is found at 16 USC 3a. Charges established for special park uses are intended to recover costs associated with managing the activities and not to generate revenues beyond actual costs.

The goal of the park in issuing a permit is to ensure that the permitted activity does not interfere with the enjoyment of the park by other visitors and that the natural and cultural resources of the park are protected. Permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis up to one year in advance. Please provide the park with as much notice as possible to consider your request. It may be necessary for park staff to contact you for further information while considering your request. The permit application must be accompanied by an application fee of $100.00 which reimburses the park for costs incurred in processing your request. There may be additional charges for large events that require additional NPS personnel for public safety or traffic control, site cleanup, trash removal, or property damage.

Freedom of speech, press, religion, and assembly are constitutional rights. However, the courts have recognized that activities associated with the exercise of these rights may be reasonably regulated to protect park resources. Therefore, all first amendment activities require special use permits and the NPS may regulate the time, place, and manner in which they are conducted. There is no charge for these types of permits.

Click here for a Special Park Uses permit application.

Commercial Filming Permit

Changes to Commercial Filming Permits on Park Lands

On January 22, 2021, the US District Court for the District of Columbia issued a decision in Price v. Barr determining the permit and fee requirements applying to commercial filming under 54 USC 100905, 43 CFR Part 5, and 36 CRF Part 5 are unconstitutional. The National Park Service is currently determining how this decision will be implemented.

Following the recent court decision, the National Park Service will not be implementing or enforcing the commercial filming portions of 43 CFR Part 5 until further notice, including accepting applications, issuing permits, enforcing the terms and conditions of permits, issuing citations related to permits, or collecting cost recovery and location fees for commercial filming activities.

As regulations regarding commercial filming permits are being reassessed, those interested in commercial filming activities on land managed by the National Park Service are encouraged to contact the park directly for more information about filming in the park and to discuss how to minimize potential impacts to visitors and sensitive park resources. Please email or call the park at (541) 592-2100.

Learn more about commercial filming on National Park Service lands.

Last updated: June 7, 2022

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