Siskiyou Chipmunk

A Siskiyou chipmunk eating a nut on a mossy patch of marble.

NPS/Brian Amstutz

The Siskiyou chipmunk (Tamias siskiyou) are a species of chipmunk that are found in a limited range from Northern California to Southern Oregon. Their habitat range is limited by two different rivers: The first being the Klamath River which limits their habitat to Northern California and the second being the Rogue River which limits their habitat to Sothern Oregon.

There are two subspecies of Siskiyou Chipmunk, which are divided into coastal and inland populations. The coastal subspecies is limited to the area west of the Oregon Siskiyou Mountains, extending approximately 30 km inland. At the National Monument and Preserve, the inland subspecies Tamias siskiyou siskiyou can be seen throughout the forest and trails.

These chipmunks are omnivorous with a splendid diet that includes delicacies such as insects, seeds, fruits, and fungus. They serve an important ecological role in the forest by spreading the seeds of plants for plant reproduction and can improve forest tree health by spreading beneficial fungus that tree growth.

The Siskiyou chipmunk can be identified by its light brown color with a creamy white underbelly. They also have dark patches behind their eyes and white patches on the rear of their ears.


Last updated: August 5, 2018

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