2009 Rangers

Ranger Lindsey
Ranger Lindsey


Lindsey Brown

Lindsey was born and raised in southern Minnesota, receiving her B.S. in Geography from Minnesota State University, Mankato. She started her NPS career at Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico, where she fell in love with caving. When not working at the Monument, she loves swimming with her two dogs in the crystal clear streams of southwest Oregon. Her goal is for visitors to understand and appreciate their world all around them!

Ranger Chelsea
Ranger Chelsea


Chelsea Cavin

When you see this girl they call Chelsea, she will be the one with the man’s vest on and the rosy cheeks. She grew up in the park service, and has seen more green and grey then most will in their lifetimes. Being born right outside of the park she started her love affair with NPS at Mt. Rainer National Park, where she lived for the first 5 years of her life, playing in the meadows of flowers and beautiful receding glaciers while her dad worked away. She then went to Rocky Mountain National Park when he got a promotion, spending a few years playing in the high altitude and fishing to her hearts content. In 1995 there was an opening here in southern Oregon at Oregon Caves NM and once again mom and dad picked up the family and moved. Now being an Oregon resident for over 14 years, she has fallen in love once again with the green and grey uniform, this time in her size. She has been wearing it proud for 3 seasons, and is sad to see it end. But education is calling her towards a new career path, but her uniform will always hang in the closet, till next time.

As her favorite movie character once said, “I don't know if we each have a destiny, or if we're all just floatin' around accidental-like on a breeze. But I, I think maybe it's both.” Forrest Gump 1994.

Ranger Jonathan
Ranger Jonathan


Jonathan Geurts

Claiming shallow roots in towns across these United States (Bishop, CA; Eagle River, WI; Salt Lake City, UT; Reston, VA; Northfield, MN), Jonathan continues his life quest at Oregon Caves National Monument. He was ensnared by the cave parks the previous summer at Carlsbad Caverns National Park (Carlsbad, NM). From there, all considered, Oregon seemed to him a logical choice. Always traveling, by foot, ski, bicycle, and *sigh* automobile, he picked a monument that would challenge him with its steep slopes, remote trails, and multiple cave tours per day. He also spent a good deal of time looking for bugs.

Ranger Sandy
Ranger Sandy with future Junior Ranger


Sandy Gladish

Sandy grew up in the flatlands with cornfields as her wilderness. Now, being out in tall tree and mountain country, she somehow feels right at home.

Ranger Heather
Ranger Heather


Heather Hintz

I am a part of the Geological Society of America’s GeoCorps program. Born and raised in Hillsboro, OR, I received my B.S. in Earth Science from Western Oregon University. The first time I came through the Oregon Caves I was a little girl of big dreams and grand adventures. I fell in love and knew one day I would return, and I have. I am an avid SCUBA diver, hiker, camper and anything else one can do outside. I also enjoy writing about nature and photographing the greens and purples that only happen in nature. Working for Resource Management gives me a chance to play around in the clean dirt of the caves. Meeting people from all over the world and showing them the amazing Oregon Caves is the greatest job in the world.

“Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom, “ General George S. Patton.

Ranger Tom
Ranger Tom


Tom Siewert


Crystalline guardians stand vigil
At the gates of the Mother
Where the faithful come
To pay homage
To the ground beneath their feet
Calling forth the hope
That someday, maybe they
Will finally come to comprehend
The way their own lives
Fit into the family of things
And maybe then
After all this time
We will stand on firm ground
And learn to feel at home.

Written 29 March 2008

Ranger Texas Dave
Ranger "Texas Dave"


Dave Thompson

The 'ole gypsy is still here...six years now.

Ranger Terah
Ranger Terah


Terah Van Dusen

Ranger Terah is originally from Northern California. In more recent years she has lived in Arizona and Florida before returning to the Pacific Northwest in May, 2009 for her first season with the National Park Service.

Terah says that it is important in life to realize that one creates their own destiny, given the power of thought, and therefore we have the freedom to dream big. She envisioned herself in a forest, far from a city, where everyday she would be blessed by the amusements of wildlife. She has found this place and much more.

What she enjoys most about being a ranger is being the “go-to” nature person. She enjoys the challenge of studying Geology. She enjoys fostering the link between humans and nature. She enjoys the solitude of the monument.

Only time will tell what her future holds, but her current intentions include completion of a novel, continued residence in a country setting, particularly one with plenty of rivers and streams nearby, and several people to share love with.

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