2006 Rangers

Ranger Andrea during summer 2006
Ranger Andrea



I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree……..

I became a Park Ranger to protect the plants, animals, and rocks and to encourage others to do the same.

My favorite thing to do at my job is helping children become Junior Rangers.

Ranger Steven on the candlelight tour during summer 2006
Ranger Steven


Steven Beyer

“Never be sad for what’s over, just be glad it was yours.”

Steven “Beaver” Beyer is from Longmont, CO. and has spent his last five years in Gunnison, CO. His personal hero is Texas Dave.

My Hat

My hat comforts me in the cave,
It protects my head and makes me brave.
My hat has special powers,
The rock is what it devours.
It saves my head from certain danger,
Without it I wouldn’t be a Ranger.
I was so excited to get it
At first glance I knew it was a perfect fit.
You should come and see my hat,
Oregon Caves is where I’m at.

If you come up here and visit you will see we live in a beautiful place up here on Mt. Elijah. The air is clean, the sky is blue, the ferns are green and the water is clear. I like long walks in the cave, my fan, being the Dorm Mom, cave bacon, tubing, weekends, pizza, comment box, piano, hiking, swimming in the cold creek, jumping off bridges, my girlfriend, biking, Bigfoot, Mt. lions, night trains, banana slugs, The Big Lebowski, Larry’s jokes, Alicia’s rhymes.

The Beaver dislikes dishes in the sink, Ranger Karolyn’s messes, Ranger Brett’s noodles in sink, drama, spiders, scorpions in my bed, and winding roads.

Ranger Chelsea during summer 2006
Ranger Chelsea


Chelsea Hocker

Chelsea “Rainbow” Hocker was born in 1987 and has spent the past nineteen years entertaining herself in Cave Junction, with the exception of her first year of college spent at Seattle University. She is transferring to the Evergreen State College in September and hopes to eventually work as an event coordinator in an organization supporting women advocacy. Chelsea enjoys sitting in the sunny grass, hikin', swimmin', craftin’, and laughin’. Rainbows are always sure to brighten her day, as are giraffes, hippies, and nature!

Ranger Derek during summer 2006
Ranger Derek


Derek Marohn

Derek was born in Mission Viejo, CA in 1983. He loves nature and that is the reason that he joined the National Park Service. He enjoys giving cave tours because he loves interpreting the cave to the public and hopes you enjoy your trip through Oregon Caves.

Ranger Micki
Ranger Micki


Micki Lynn McLean

Who is that girl with the chemist’s hand?
Who watches the chemicals mix and go
Who is currently a senior with her Bio-chem degree,
That answers to “Hey You,” and “Please help me.”

Who is she that grew up in the valley below,
She knows the mountains and where the rivers flow,
Who sang Amazing Grace and for the Josephine County Fair

She has dark eyes and almond colored hair.
She can play the piano and dance to swing,
In the cave sometimes you can hear her voice ring,
She likes the water and the sand just the same,
Risk and Canasta are her kinda’ game.

Don’t tell her not to or she might prove you wrong,
Taking 21 units in college four terms
Completing a year in student government,
Gave her a reason to want to be a cut above.

Her Dad and Superman have always saved the day
And her mom was always there to wash the dirt away
Sisters and brother taught her the patience of Job
But she wouldn’t trade them for a golden robe

Who is this girl the wears green and gray?
A straw hat, what does the name tag say
Find her name is no mystery
That girl in the photo, that girl is me.

Ranger Joy during summer 2006
Ranger Joy


Joy Messerli


I like food….. and more food.

Yup that’s me.

Ranger Brett during summer 2006
Ranger Brett


Brett Nobile

Breezes, a gentle wind blows through my mustache
Tells me…….. It’s time to dance. Dance
Like a leprechaun on a rainbow in the morning.
I’m the evening sleep like an ancient sloth who’s eaten too much.

Brett is from Poquason, VA. He enjoys the summertime, floating, music, beans, rice, and tapatio. His personal heroes are Texas Dave and Ed Abbey.

Ranger Alicia during summer 2006
Ranger Alicia


Alicia Rosales

"Oregon Caves is a great place to be! I came here from Indiana through a program called GeoCorps America. Along with giving tours about the geology of the cave, I also do some projects with resource management. I hope I can share the cool geology facts I know with the visitors and show them how we unravel the history of our earth.

Geology aside, I also enjoy art and taking pictures of all the wildflowers I can find. My favorite so far is the spotted coralroot! There is great geology, fun people and beautiful scenery here at the Monument."

Ranger Mary during summer 2006
Ranger Mary


Mary Schubert

I like working for the National Park Service because I get to meet people from all over the world and share with them the things I love such as caves, rocks, and hydrology. I came to here from near St. Louis, MO but I was born in Clarksville, TN. I have lived in Buffalo, NY and Central FL. I like caves, J.S. Bach, rocks, chocolate, kayaking, and hiking. I dislike mosquitoes, scorpions, liver, and onions.

Ranger "Texas Dave" during the 2006 season
Ranger "Texas Dave"


Dave Thompson

Ranger “Texas Dave” Thompson was a gypsy, once cute, a concerts production P.R. representative, a soldier, an overseas corporate manager, a university student, a father, a public education teacher, a university professor, and a photographer. Serving Redwoods N.S.P. and Oregon Caves N.M., this is his fourth season with the N.P.S.

Ranger Jason during summer 2006
Ranger Jason


Jason van Warmerdam

As Jason likes to joke:

"Born on the snowy plains of Siberia, Jason was raised by a pack of wolves until the age of four. He was house broken and taught to read, went to college, and barley squeaked by with his bachelors in under six years.

A love of plants and a drive to return to the woods drove him to return to the wild. This is his first season with the Oregon Caves National Monument. He has also spent a season with the North Cascades National Park.

Thanks mom and dad!"

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