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Natural History Association

Oregon Caves Natural History Association (NHA)

The Oregon Caves Natural History Association (NHA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing educational and scientific activities within Oregon Caves National Monument and Crater Lake National Park.

The NHA invests funds generated from sales of items purchased at our Monument Visitor Center directly back into the Monument, providing services such as publishing Monument-related books and maps, printing the Monument newspaper, and purchasing equipment and materials for educational and scientific research programs.

You can become a member of the NHA and learn more about the Monument's natural and cultural resources. Yearly memberships can be purchased at the Visitor Center on the Monument. You can find out more by visiting www.craterlakeoregon.org.


Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau

The Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau is a non-profit organization cooperating with the National Park Service (NPS), in the preservation, stewardship and improvement of cultural and natural resources of Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve. The Oregon Caves and the Chateau are unique assets of national significance that contribute to the identity and economic well-being of the local community. The Oregon Caves Chateau, a National Historic Landmark, is the primary historic structure in the Oregon Caves National Monument. It is one of three publicly owned, historic lodges of Oregon that provides overnight accommodations. The furnishings and setting create a feeling of nostalgia that is unforgettable.

The Friends raise funds to restore the interior furnishings and to show local, statewide, and national support for a priority in the National Park Service budget for the full structural restoration of the Chateau.

Goals of the Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau are:

  • Build the Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau into a strong partner organization to provide financial and volunteer assistance for the benefit of Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve.

  • Develop Restoration, conservation and maintenance plans for the Chateau, Monterey furniture, and historic Guide Dormitory.

  • Educate citizens, historians, businesses, on the importance of restoring the third of the three publicly owned historic lodges in Oregon.

  • Develop and enhance the financial support for the proper historic conservation and maintenance of the Chateau, Monterey furniture, and Guide Dormitory.

  • Broaden base of volunteer and community support for the restoration and maintenance of the Chateau as a working, historic lodge.

To learn more about the Friends of the Oregon Caves and Chateau click here.


Oregon Caves Outfitters

The Oregon Caves Outfitters manages the Chateau at the Oregon Caves through a contract with the National Park Service. The Outfitters provides food and lodging services to those who visit Oregon Caves. The Oregon Caves Outfitters benefits the community of offering a high-quality venue for local arts, crafts, musicians and food products.

To learn more about the Oregon Caves Outfitters click here.

Siskiyou Field Institute Logo

Siskiyou Field Institute (SFI)

The Siskiyou Field Institute (SFI) deepens people's scientific understanding and intimate connection tot he Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion by providing educational programs and outdoor experiences to a broad spectrum of the public.

The SFI helps the Oregon Caves education outreach watershed program. Learn more about the SFI by visiting here.

Last updated: May 29, 2018

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