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If you are a business operator and want to conduct business within Obed WSR, you are required to obtain a commercial use authorization permit (36 CFR Sec. 5.3). Failure to obtain this permit may result in the issuance of a fine and/or removal from the park. As in any other unit of the National Park System, commercial visitor services may be provided only by those holding an authorization from the National Park Service.


The Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) program authorizes the provision of suitable commercial services to park area visitors, as long as three conditions are met: the services (a) will have minimal impact on the park area’s resources and values; (b) are consistent with the purposes for which the park area was established; and (c) are consistent with all applicable park area management plans, policies and regulations.

The Commercial Use Authorization authorizes commercial services provided by commercial operators that originate and terminate their services outside of National Park Service boundaries. All advertisement, solicitation of business and acceptance of any form of compensation occurs outside NPS boundaries. Commercial businesses that plan to operate throughout the year must submit their applications between January 1 and March 31 annually. Applications received outside this time period will not be considered. One-time business operation applications are accepted year-round.

The following documents must be submitted to Commercial Services Coordinator as part of the application package.

  1. Application
  2. Taxpayer Identification Number
  3. Include copies of business licensing
  4. Insurance coverage (declarations page and parts I & II)
  5. Application fee ($50 non-refundable application fee payable to Obed WSR). More fees may apply if application is approved. Pay online through Pay.Gov.

Complete application packages can be sent to:

Obed WSR
PO Box 429
Wartburg, TN 37887

Attention: Commercial Services Coordinator

Last updated: December 12, 2018

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