Facilitating Care of and Protection for Niobrara NSR

Unlike many national parks, the National Park Service does not own any land along the Niobrara, but it is charged with managing protection of the nationally significant nature and recreation through partnerships with and facilitation of landowner stewardship efforts. The NPS is responsible for 67 miles of the NSR outside Fort Niobrara Refuge boundaries with US Fish & Wildlife Service managing the NSR through their refuge.

NPS staff provides expertise in Natural and Cultural Resource Management, Interpretation and Education, and Visitor and Resource Protection toward the goal of sustained river resource protection for this and future generations.

The plans listed below demonstrate how the NPS plans to accomplish their mission at Niobrara NSR.


Fire Management Plan

The Niobrara NSR is seeking public input on the proposed development of fire management plans for 28 park units nationwide, including Niobrara NSR. You may view and comment on the document here (project name: "Nationwide Multi-Unit FMP/EA"). Comments will be accepted February 1, 2016 through March 18, 2016.

The Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy requires that "every area with burnable vegetation must have an approved fire management plan (FMP)." FMPs must provide for firefighter and public safety;include fire management strategies, tactics, and alternatives;address values to be protected and public health issues;and be consistent with resource management objectives, activities of the area, and environmental laws and regulations. The Nationwide Multi-Unit Fire Management Plan / Environmental Assessment (FMP/EA) will analyze the effects of proposed mechanical treatments, prescribed fire, and wildfire management actions at 28 park units nationwide.

Each of the 28 park units will prepare its own FMP, but the EA will serve as the overall compliance document for the 28 units. The 28 park units are being combined under one FMP/EA because the units (which include parks, preserves, monuments, historic sites, and trails) have very low to low wildfire occurrence and desire to implement prescribed fire and mechanical treatments. The National Park Service has determined that it is most cost-effective and efficient to prepare one compliance document (the EA) to cover the smaller fire management programs.

The National Park Service wants to know your thoughts about the proposed action described in the Scoping Document.Comments can be expressed as concerns, thoughts, and suggestions (such as for a new alternative) for the proposed use of mechanical treatments and prescribed fire and wildfire management actions described in the Scoping Document.

River Management Planning Information

Completed Park Management Documents

General Management Plan

2016 Superintendent's Compendium

Central Niobrara Watershed Fire Management Plan

Resource Management

2012 Water Quality Report

2011 Scope of Collections Statement

Interpretation and Education

2010 Long Range Interpretive Plan

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