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Ignition team on the Bison Flats prescribed fire at Wind Cave National Park. October 2001.

Because wildland fires can be dangerous--for both firefighters and the public--it is very important that wildland firefighters are highly qualified and well trained. A system has been developed by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) to standardize wildland firefighter qualification and training across federal, state, and local agencies. Certification is issued annually in the form of an Incident Qualification Card (red card), which certifies that the individual is qualified to perform in a specified position. Proper documentation of training, medical screening, and a physical fitness test (pack test) must be accomplished to receive a red card. In addition, an annual fireline safety refresher training is required.

The NWCG established the Wildland and Prescribed Fire Qualifications System to establish minimum standards for wildland firefighting and prescribed fire personnel. This system is a "performance based" qualification system. To qualify for a certain position, an individual must complete a Position Task Book, which documents that the individual has performed all critical tasks which are required for that position. Performance is assessed by a certified evaluator(s), and the individual's home unit issues the certification.

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Great Plains Zone Training Schedule


National Wildland Fire Training


Annual Firefighter Refresher Website


NWCG Training Working Team

2007 Wildland Firefighter Refresher Training Contact Steve Ipswitch for more infomation on training.

April 17 - WICA

April 19 - MORU

May 25 - DETO

June 1 - WICA

Other Training

May 18-19: Custer State Park Engine Exercise

June 4-9: S-130/190 @ Custer State Park

June 6: ATV Operator

June 7-8: L-280 (Leadership) @ WICA

June 12-14: S-216 (Driving) in Hot Springs

June 18-20: S-212 (Power Saws) @ WICA

June 18: RT-212 (Saw Refresher) @ WICA

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