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John Henry Statue and Tunnel
The John Henry Statue stands at the mouth of the great Bend Tunnel at the John Henry Historical Park in Talcott.

NPS photo/Dave Bieri


Other Nearby National Parks:

calm river with forest
trees hang down over a slow moving river

Bluestone National Scenic River

In 1988, Bluestone National Scenic River was designated a unit of the Wild and Scenic Rivers System, which Congress established to preserve the free-flowing condition of the nation's rivers. This park includes a 10.5-mile segment of the Bluestone River with virtually no vehicular access into the area. The most common methods of entry are the aerial tram at Pipestem Resort State Park, the parking area at Lilly, and the trailhead at Bluestone State Park.
rafters in whitewater

Gauley River National Recreation Area

Established in 1988, Gauley River National Recreation Area protects 25 miles of the Gauley River and 5 miles of the Meadow River. Dropping 28 feet per mile through a gorge that averages 500 feet in depth, the Gauley is a world-class destination for whitewater boaters.

West Virginia State Parks:

Grist Mill and waterfall
grist mill with river

Babcock State Park

Babcock State Park, one of the oldest parks in West Virginia, is located within the boundaries of New River Gorge National River. A feature of the 4,000 acre park is a widely photographed grist mill. Within the park are log cabin accommodations, hiking trails, a stable, a lake for fishing and boating, and campsites.
aerial tram descending into a gorge

Pipestem Resort State Park

Located 12 miles south of Hinton, Pipestem Resort State Park sits on the edge of the beautiful Bluestone River Gorge. An aerial tram allows visitors to descend over 1,000 feet to the bottom of the gorge and the gateway to Bluestone National Scenic River. The park contains two lodges, cabins, campground, hiking trails, horse stables, golf course, and swimming pools.
view of lake with bridge

Bluestone State Park

Located five miles south of Hinton, Bluestone State Park is situated at the mouth of the Bluestone River. The park features cabins, campgrounds, a swimming pool, hiking trails, and a marina on Bluestone Lake.
view of lake with trees and mountains

Bluestone Wildlife Management Area

Located just south of Hinton, Bluestone Wildlife Management Area provides opportunities for camping, boating, hunting, and fishing on Bluestone Lake.
dam and river in a deep gorge

Hawks Nest State Park

Hawks Nest State Park offers outstanding views into the gorge just north of the New River Gorge Bridge. The park features a lodge, picnic areas, hiking trails, and jet boat ride on the New River.
horseshoe river bend in a deep forested gorge

Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park

Located near Summersville, north of New River Gorge, Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park preserves the site of an important Civil War battlefield. Overlooks provide outstanding views of the Gauley River. The park features hiking trails, picnic areas, overlooks, and a museum.
small stream with forested banks

Little Beaver State Park

Located just south of Grandview, Little Beaver State Park provides opportunities for camping, fishing, hiking, and boating.

Camp Creek State Park

Located south of the park off Interstate 70, Camp Creek State Park offers scenic waterfalls, hiking trails, camping, picnic shelters, and fishing.

Other Destinations:

riverside town
Coal Heritage Trail sign

National Coal Heritage Area

Traversing five Southern West Virginia counties between Fayetteville and Bluefield, this 146 mile route features many historic sites associated with coal mining. The trail tells the story of resilient men and women who spent generations mining coal through harsh times and perilous conditions.
street with historic old buildings

Hinton Historic District

The Hinton Historic District includes buildings dated from the late 1800s when Hinton was a railroad center. The downtown Summers County Visitor Center and Hinton Railroad Museum provide visitor services, exhibits, and walking tour information.
Exhibition Coal Mine entrance

Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine

Veteran miners lead electric tram tours through horizontal underground mine tunnels. This late 1800s mine features low-seam coal mining from its earliest manual stages to modern mechanized operation. Several coal camp houses, the school, a church, the Rahall Company Store, and the mine are open April to November.
building with colorful mural

Mount Hope Walking Tour

Historic Mount Hope, nestled in the Egypt Valley basin of the New River Gorge Region, offers adventurers a glimpse into what early life was like in the coalfields of West Virginia. The town became known as the Phoenix City due to the ferocity of reconstruction efforts undertaken by area townsfolk after the Great Fire of 1910. The wealth generated from the coal production of the New River Company is still visible in the stone structures lining the streets of this quaint little town. Walk through the ‘Heart of Town’ and take time to explore a community rich with heritage and ripe for renewal.
stand up paddle boarders paddle under a waterfall

Summersville Lake

Managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Summersville Lake provides outstanding opportunities for boating, swimming, fishing, and camping.
lake surrounded by forest

Monongahela National Forest

The Monongahela National Forest straddles the highest ridges in the state, creating a fantastic place to hike, camp, hunt, and fish. Cranberry Glades and Falls of Hill Creek are spectacular natural areas that are fairly close to the New River Gorge area.
outdoor amphitheater filled with people

Theatre West Virginia

The Cliffside Amphitheatre at Grandview was built in 1961 and continues to be the summer home of Theatre West Virginia. Each summer season this acting and production troop performs outdoor historical dramas.
John Henry statue stands in front of a tunnel

John Henry Historical Park

The Great Bend Tunnel, located in Talcott, is the location that spawned the legend of John Henry racing a steam drill while constructing the railroad that would open up this rugged land to the rest of the nation. The John Henry Historical Park is still in development, but visitors can view the tunnel and John Henry statue.

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