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The 25 miles of free-flowing Gauley River and the six miles of the Meadow River pass through scenic gorges and valleys containing a wide variety of natural and cultural features. The Gauley River contains several class V+ rapids, making it one of the most adventurous white water boating rivers in the east. Read More

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Explore the Wild and Wonderful National Parks of Southern West Virginia.

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Whitewater Boating

Whether going on your own or with an experienced outfitter, start your Gauley River adventure here.

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2023 Letter to Gauley River Boaters

Check here for new 2022 whitewater information.

History and Culture

Learn about the history and culture of Gauley River National Recreation Area

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Learn about nature at Gauley River National Recreation Area

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Photos and Multimedia

Photos and Multimedia of Gauley River National Recreation Area

Last updated: September 15, 2023

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