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Local Girl Scouts participate in the Grandview Citizen Science program.

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Self-Guided Trip Summary

The following instructions are for groups looking to go on a self-led educational trip to Grandview, a part of the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve. Those participating will NOT need to be accompanied by a ranger, though the reservation, pick-up, and return of your supply pack will keep law enforcement aware of your arrival and departure times for safety reasons. Detailed do-it-yourself instructions are included below along with general guidelines for the trip, pre- and post-trip activities, and a preview of the structure of the lesson to be completed during the trip. The curriculum offered covers different aspects of species interactions, invasive species, climate change, ecosystem dynamics, and endangered species preservation. The material below can be modified for third, all the way up to twelfth grade students, and can take one or several hours depending on how many of the activities are completed and how long discussions last. There is no need to complete the whole course during the trip, however it is recommended that you do so. This is a teacher-led field trip with several interactive activities requiring active engagement, walking along non-paved terrain, supplemental materials, measurement taking, and thoughtful discussion. However, each stop along the activity trail requires only minimal set-up. If your group is larger than 25 students, we recommend splitting into two groups and reserving an additional backpack (one backpack per group).
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3 minutes, 3 seconds

Join a group of students for a preview of our self-guided Citizen Science program.


WV Education Standards Covered by Grade

Grade Standard Post(s)/Activities
3 S.3.GS.7
post-trip activity
4 S.4.GS.5
post-trip activity
5 S.5.GS.10
post-trip activity
6 S.6.LS.1
2,8, post-trip activity
post-trip activity
post-trip activity
post-trip activity
7 S.7.ESS.7
2,4,5,post-trip activity
Post-trip activity
Post-trip activity
8 S.8.LS.1
All stops, post-trip activity
Post-trip activity
Post-trip activity

Where to go:

Google maps address: 4700 Grandview Rd, Beaver, WV 25813

To reach Grandview from Beckley follow I-64 East five miles to Exit 129 B. From Lewisburg follow I-64 West forty miles to Exit 129. From either exit, turn right and follow Route 9 north for five miles to Grandview.

students exiting school bus

What to bring for teachers and students:

  • bagged lunch
  • bug spay
  • filled water bottles
  • rain gear
  • medications/epi-pens
  • Closed-toed shoes

How to Start:

Begin by reserving a supplies backpack for the day of your trip by contacting Lori Hynes at (304)465-2621 or email. We will need to know how many kids are in your group, and when you expect you will be arriving. Please reserve backpacks 2-3 weeks before you plan to take your trip.

Teacher Instructions (this information can also be found at the beginning of the Teacher Packet in your supply pack):

After picking up your supply pack, head straight across the parking lot to the Grandview Rim Trail head. Use the numbered posts on the trail as stopping points for each activity listed below. If your time is limited, feel free to skip some questions or stops along the way. We recommend stops 2, 4, 5, and 8 for an abbreviated trip. Each backpack should contain enough of each material to form 4 groups for the different activities, and student worksheets that should be completed by one student in each of the 4 groups. An extra copy of the student worksheet is included in the binder for teacher reference. Please return the backpack, worksheets, and all other materials to the Visitor’s Center at the end of your trip.

**Divide your class into 4 groups and make sure they remember their group number. Have them write their group number on their student worksheets if necessary. This is essential because the materials for this trip come sets meant for 4 different groups. There should be one student “recorder” per group that will write answers in the student worksheet.**

For each post:

  • Read the “Read Aloud” section out loud to your students, paying careful attention to any mention of Diagrams that might be necessary for the upcoming activity.

  • Read the “Student Activity” instructions to yourself and use them to direct the activity accordingly. Have students fill out the corresponding part of their worksheets before moving on to the questions.

  • Read the questions from the “Critical Thinking” section aloud for your students and allow them to answer, using the “Possible Responses” sections to guide the discussion if necessary.

  • Some of the questions in the Critical Thinking sections have no definite answer! Discussion from both sides of the issue is welcome and even encouraged!

BEFORE Your trip:

Show the introductory video below to your class.

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4 minutes, 32 seconds

Introduction video for the self guided Grandview Citizen Science program.


Here are the links to some supplementary videos if you feel your students would benefit from additional exposure to the ideas of climate change and ecosystem interactivity before they come visit the park.

DURING your trip:

When visiting the park, we ask that:

1. You have one teacher or chaperone for every 10 students and be responsible for maintaining group discipline

2. Participants wear good walking or tennis shoes; NOT flip flops or sandals

3. Participants wear clothing appropriate for daily weather conditions

4. You bring along any student medications and be prepared to administer them

5. Participants bring meals or food if planning to dine at the park, as there are no vendors or vending machines in the park

When you are finished with all of the activities you wish to complete, turn around and go back the way you came. Picnic areas, a playground, and restrooms are located near the visitor’s center, visible from the parking lot.

AFTER your trip:

The ranger can email you grade-appropriate post visit activities.


Last updated: October 31, 2022

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