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New River Gorge National River employs a variety of professional, administrative, technical, clerical, and trade employees. The park workforce consists of about 60 permanent and 35 seasonal employees. Necessary qualifications and wages vary with the type of position and skill required. Employment opportunities are posted:

When applying:

Applicants must apply to a specific job announcement.

Generic applications to any available vacancy are not accepted.

Applicants must submit an application and all other requested information prior to the closing date of the announcement.

There is no maintained list of available applicants in the form of a standing register.

Only United States citizens may be considered for National Park Service positions.

All applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, age, or national origin.
Generally employees must be 18 years of age, although there are some opportunities for youth.

Ranger presenting environmental education program to elementary school class
Ranger presenting environmental education program to elementary school class

Permanent Employment

Permanent employment with the National Park Service requires specific education or work experience. All job announcements are posted at

Seasonal/Temporary Employment

The park usually hires several seasonal positions each year in the following positions:

Park Ranger
Park Guide
Visitor Use Assistant
Biological Science Technician
Forestry Technician (fire)
Maintenance Worker
Roads and Trails Crew

Pay usually ranges from $7.25 - $18.48 per hour.
Check for temporary summer employment section.



To Apply: Call (304) 465-2634 to obtain an information packet and application.

Send completed application and cover letter with information on availability, three references, and specific interest in a position to:

Volunteer Coordinator
New River Gorge National River
104 Main Street
Glen Jean, WV 25846

See the NPS website at for more information.


2017 Summer Internships

New River Gorge National River will be hiring six interns this summer through American Conservation Experience (ACE). Most positions will start in mid May and run through mid August. Positions all come with shared housing provided and a $250/week stipend. Interns are also eligible for an educational award of $1538 at the end of a successful season, and service is creditable towards earning non-compete hiring status for federal positions. Positions will run for 12 weeks and interns will be expected to work 40 hours per week.

These opportunities are intended for enthusiastic, emerging professionals with a background in ecology, botany, biology, invasive species management, forestry, natural resource management, or education. Applicants must possess a deep interest in advancing their career goals through learning and commitment to the New River Gorge National Rivers' professional staff and resources.

The park is currently seeking to fill the following internships:

Vegetation Intern:
The Vegetation intern will assist with exotic invasive plant management using chemical and manual suppression techniques. This will be done in highly sensitive plant communities that require plant identification skills and careful herbicide application. Safety and herbicide training will be provided and the intern will be registered as a technician with the state of West Virginia. Other projects such as vegetation and rare plant surveys will also be conducted.

Find more information and to apply for this position at:

Aquatic Intern:
The Aquatic Ecology Intern will work with the New River Gorge Natural Resource Management staff mainly to assist with water quality monitoring, laboratory analyses, and long-term ecological monitoring of riverine biota.

Find more information and to apply for this position at:

GIS Intern:
The GIS intern will assist the park's GIS specialist with GPS locating infrastructure utilities above/below ground at park facilities and updating GIS databases for park infrastructure.

Find more information and to apply for this position at

Wildlife/GIS Intern:
The Wildlife/GIS intern will work with Natural Resource Management and GIS staff to promote conservation through conducting wildlife surveys, assist with research studies, and a GIS project that maps the infrastructure utilities above and below ground at park facilities.

Find more information and to apply for this position at

Education Program Intern:
The Education Intern will work with the park's interpretation staff including the park's Education Specialist and Teacher-Ranger-Teachers, to help create and coordinate a new curriculum-based education program for the park that aligns with state and national standards.

Find more information and to apply for this position at

Digital Asset Management Intern:
The Digital Asset Management Intern will work with the park's interpretation staff to create a digital asset management (DAM) system for organizing and searching for park photographs and videos. The intern will use state of the art DAM software that will allow the embedding of metadata, making assets searchable and potentially accessible to the public.

Find more information and to apply for this position at

Last updated: March 17, 2017

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