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Nez Perce National Historical Park Teacher's Guide

If you would like a version of the document that looks like the published version of the guide, we invite you to download a PDF Version (2.31 MB) of the document. A MSWord version of the teacher's guide is also available. It is less memory intensive and takes less time to download.

Is'aaptekay Lesson Plan

"Is'aaptekay" is the Nez Perce word for a flat folded rawhide container, similar to a suitcase. The is'aaptekay, often referred to as a parfleche bag, is well designed for easier travel on horseback and was used extensively to protect items for travel and storage in the home. Enclosed are a number of lessons and background material to build lessons around Nez Perce material culture. The lesson plan is available as a 3.27 MB Adobe pdf file.

Virtual Museum

The park has a virtual museum that showcases several hundred objects from the park's museum collection. The website, which features historic photographs, scans of historic documents, and several lesson plans can be found by clicking here.

Last updated: January 20, 2022

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