What is Open and What is Closed

To Plan Ahead - Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1) Check our Operating Hours

2) Check Alerts at Current Conditions

3) Check below for closures. Places not listed on any of these lists should be open.


Temporarily Closed Pulloffs & Trails

Some pulloffs and trails are closed due to storm damage and/or unsafe conditions. Please check the current alerts for short term closures.

Rocky Springs Hiking Trail - Partial Closure

Milepost 55 to Milepost 59
Part of the Rocky Springs section of the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail is closed from Rocky Springs Campground to Fisher Ferry Road. This section of trail is closed to pedestrian and equestrian traffic due to unsafe conditions caused by trail erosion and bridge deficiencies.

Yockanookany Hiking & Horse Trail - Partial Closure

Milepost 108 to Milepost 131
The Yockanookany section of the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail is closed to equestrian use due to safety concerns with bridges and boardwalks. The trail remains open to pedestrians.

Myrick Creek Walking Trail (Milepost 145.1)

Closed due to storm damage sustained in 2020.

Cole Creek parking lot (Milepost 175.6)

Closed due to erosion issues. Repairs are in progress.

Blackland Prairie Hiking & HorseTrail - Partial Closure (Milepost 260.8 to Milepost 261.8)

The Blackland Prairie section of the Natchez Trace Scenic Trail from West Jackson Street to Chickasaw Village Site is closed to pedestrian and equestrian use due to storm damage sustained in 2020. Pedestrians may access the trail from milepost 261.8 to milepost 266. The entire trail is closed to equestrian use due to lack of horse trailer parking availability.

Donovan Slough, milepost 283.3

Temporary closure due to bridge repairs.


  • Outdoor spaces such as roadways, trails, pullouts, and roadside exhibits, except for those listed above.
  • All bicycle-only campgrounds with no potable water access
  • Parkway Visitor Center (mp 266) in Tupelo, MS.
  • Mount Locust Information Center, historic house and grounds (mp 15.5) Closed some days. (Please check daily hours)
  • Jeff Busby (mp 193.1) campground.
  • Meriwether Lewis Campground. (mp 385.9)
  • Rocky Springs Campground (campground restrooms closed, but restrooms at contact station are open) (mp 54.8)

Open Comfort Stations

  • Tennessee to Mississippi State Line
    • Comfort Station at Garrison Creek (mp 425)

    • Gordon House Comfort Station (mp 407.7)

    • Restrooms at Meriwether Lewis Site and Campground (mp 385.9)
    • Jack's Branch Comfort Station (mp 377.8)
    • Both Comfort Stations at Colbert Ferry (mp 327.3)
    • River Bend (mp 122.6)
  • Mississippi State Line to Jackson
    • Comfort Station at Pharr Mounds (mp 287)
    • Parkway Visitor Center restroooms (mp 266)
    • Witch Dance (mp 233.2)
    • Jeff Busby (mp 193.2)
    • Holly Hill (mp 154.3)
  • Jackson to Natchez, MS
    • Comfort Station at the Parkway Information Cabin in Ridgeland (mp 102)
    • Rocky Springs Contact Station (mp 54.8)
    • Mount Locust (mp 15.5) with limited access to restrooms (please check Open Hours)

Closed Comfort Stations

  • Jackson Falls (mp 404.7) (due to septic tank issues)
  • Glenrock Branch (mp 364.5) (due to storm damage)
  • Rocky Springs (mp 54.8) campground comfort station (due to ongoing repair work)
  • Coles Creek (mp 17.5) (due to repairs needed)

Closed Exhibits

  • Meriwether Lewis Contact Station (mp 385.9)
  • Parkway Information Cabin (mp 102.4) in Ridgeland, MS

Last updated: September 23, 2021

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