Closure of the Historic Barn, milepost 414

W46; L330

October 01, 2014


To: Superintendent, NATR
From: Chief Ranger, NATR
Subject: Closure of the Historic Barn (milepost 414)

The historic barn located in the field on the east side of the Parkway near mile post 414 is leaning and in danger of falling down. The barn created a hazard to visitors who attempt to access the building or its immediate surroundings. Therefore, under the authority of Title 36, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 1.5 Closure and Public Use Limits, I recommend the immediate closure of the barn and the surrounding area until further notice.

The Park Compendium allows for the Superintendent to close areas to the public which are considered hazardous. Signs will be posted indicating that the area is closed.

This designation will remain in effect within the Superintendent Compendium until changed by a superseding regulation.

X I concur

/Mary Risser/
Mary Risser, Superintendent
Signed October 01, 2014

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