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Comments on Final National Mall Plan

Other public comments

“The most important thing to me about the mall is that it serves as a national town square. It brings together official and public government, an open public space for both political and social expression and also for private recreation, and a center of museums which celebrate our past, our artistic treasures and curiosity about the world. All of these things brought together in the center of a thriving city make the mall one of the unique American treasures.”

“The sidewalks along the mall edges are good, but the gravel walkways inside the grassy area of the mall are difficult for older pedestrians.”

”PARKING, we need parking. There's almost none. Reasonably attractive parking buildings exist, e.g. on campuses, and we need one somewhere nearby.”

“... I think there should be more dining options including healthier alternatives, and possibly commercial dining spaces. Better access to restrooms is also important as the only restrooms available are located in museums which close to the public usually around 5:00pm; tourists can often be found wandering the Mall much later than that.”

Download the Draft EIS Comments found in Volume 2 of the Final