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The purpose of Natural Bridges National Monument is to preserve and provide for public enjoyment of three of the world’s largest streameroded natural bridges, and ancestral Puebloan and other cultural sites in their settings.

Natural Bridges National Monument is part of the Southeast Utah Group of parks, sharing some staff and administrative offices with Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Hovenweep National Monument. The Southeast Utah Group headquarters is in Moab, Utah.

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Companies or individuals wishing to provide commercial services in the park, such as tours and transportation or photography tours, must have a commercial use authorization with our concessions and permit office. Read more about commercial services.


Founding Documents

Natural Bridges National Monument was established by Presidential Proclamation no. 804 (35 Stat. 2183) signed by President Theodore Roosevelt on April 16, 1908.

Park boundaries were amended through later presidential decrees, including Proclamation no. 881 (September 25, 1909), Proclamation no. 1323 (February 11,1916), and Proclamation no. 3486 (August 14, 1962).


Guidance Documents

In 2013, the park developed a Foundation Document to update a shared understanding of the park's purpose, significance, resources and values. This document can serve as a foundation for future planning and management decisions.

Last updated: January 3, 2018

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