A cluster of ponderosa pine trees growing near the base of Mount Rushmore with dark gray granite outcrops on the left and right side of the image.
Ponderosa pine trees growing near the base of Mount Rushmore.



There is more to Mount Rushmore than meets the eye. Use all five of your senses to discover little known wonders hidden below the sculpture of the four presidents. Mount Rushmore is located in the scenic Black Hills of South Dakota. The Black Hills are also called the "Island in the Prairie," as the granitic hills are surrounded by a sea of open prairie.

Take your time and view the great biological diversity that Mount Rushmore offers. On a typical day you might see several different species of birds and wildflowers, as well as deer, mountain goats, chipmunks and turkey vultures.

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A yellow-bellied marmot enjoys some morning sun on a granite outcrop.

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A bee pollinating a sawsepal penstemon at Mount Rushmore

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View of Mount Rushmore from behind with the plains in the distance.
Environmental Factors

Explore the environment surrounding Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Granite outcroppings surrounded by ponderosa pine forest near Mount Rushmore.
Natural Features and Ecosystems

Discover some of the natural features near Mount Rushmore National Memorial and the surrounding area.


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Prescribed Fire At Mount Rushmore

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