Mount Rainier Pledge

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Mount Rainier Pledge

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Mount Rainier National Park was created to protect and preserve unimpaired iconic Mount Rainier, along with its natural and cultural resources, values, and dynamic processes.

The park provides opportunities for people to experience, understand, and care for the park environment, and provides for wilderness experiences and sustains wilderness values.

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Take the Mount Rainier Pledge

You can help safeguard this place, and its resources and intrinsic values by taking the Mount Rainier Pledge.

I Pledge to:

Protect Mount Rainier’s meadows and lakes by staying on trails in meadows and around lakes. One step onto a meadow damages an average of 17 plants that will take years to recover!

Never take my pets on trails or meadows. Pets are not permitted on trails. They are only permitted in campgrounds, parking lots, and on roads open for travel and must be on leashes no longer than six feet.

Respect the land and all that is connected to it as the original stewards of this land did and their descendants continue to do today.

Welcome all people I encounter during my visit regardless of their identities or abilities.

Leave No Trace of my visit. Planning ahead and being prepared, disposing of waste properly, and leaving what you find, are just a few ways you can Leave No Trace.

Keep Wildlife Wild by not feeding or approaching animals. Feeding wildlife can be as direct as offering a bit of your lunch, or as indirect as leaving your food or garbage for animals to find.

Stay safe during my visit by keeping safety in mind. Watch for changes in weather and conditions. Know your limits when exploring Mount Rainier’s trails and backcountry.”

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Meadow Preservation

Preserve and protect Mount Rainier's precious subalpine meadows by staying on trail during your visit.

A red fox crossing a road.
Keep Wildlife Wild

Do not feed park animals to keep yourself safe and the wildlife wild.

Looking down at a rushing river passing underneath a log footbridge.

The secret to a great visit to Mount Rainier? Staying safe! From hiking safety to volcanic geohazards, learn how to keep yourself safe.

Last updated: May 4, 2021

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